Vitamin B6

RubyinParadiseJune 14, 2002

Wondering if any of you use Vitamin B6? My OB encouraged me to start B6, but I just ignored him. Last week I read somewhere that B6 will help you lose the water retention you get.

I almost immediately went and bought some and within 3-4 days my fluid retention is gone. Does anyone else use it for this reason? and has it worked this well for you?

I, also, feel like my appetite has calmed down a bit.


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Hi Ruby ~ Thanks for the tip. I had not heard that B6 would help in water retention. I thought it was taken for energy, like B12. What dosage are you taking?

Keep up the good work!


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Hi Sarah,
He told me I could take either 50mg. or 100 mg. daily; I'm taking the 100 mg. and continue to NOT retain water and I feel so much better.

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I take it but for a different reason. My Mom read that it is helpful for severe cramps, that and fish oil, so I started taking both. I don't think it helps one bit, but it can't hurt either so I continue to take it.

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I have been taking it for a week...... no more puffy ankles!

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I have never had a problem with water retention except when I was in my 20's and on birth control pills. But I take a multi-vitamin with MDA of B6 and a separate B-Complex. I also take lots of other stuff - calcium 3 times a day, glucosamine/condritant twice a day, Vitamin E and C twice a day, soy isoflavones twice a day - I don't know if any of this helps, but I am healthy and happy so I guess I'll get choking down the pills every day!

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