Places to eat in Montreal?

Bumblebeez SC Zone 7August 21, 2012

We'll be in Montreal for a day as part of an upcoming vacation, we will be driving up from Vermont for the day - a Sunday-, and wonder if any of you could make recommendations for lunch.

Must be casual as we will be sight seeing (? ideas?)

and not wildly expensive. Perhaps 20 max for an entree for lunch?

We'll all drink water, btw. But might have coffee and share a dessert.

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You have to have Montreal smoked meat while there. You order it lean, or medium. Lean is too lean IMO. Lean is real good.

Schwartz' is a mainstay, on North St Laurent street.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I saw that in another thread, Jasdip, but it looked like a dump when I googled it!

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Schwartz is an experience. We stood in line to get in, we sat at communal tables laid with paper and had a fairly rude person take our order. The smoked meat is all fatty. Just sniffing it will raise your cholesterol and fatten your hips. They took payment in cash only.

This was a few years back. Perhaps they've changed.


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There's another smoked meat place. It's on the tip of my tongue. I've eaten there a few times. When I think of it I'll post it.

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Ahhh, It's Reuben's Deli!!! On St. Catherine St. (Rue St. Catherine). I just asked my former SIL. My ex-hubby is from Quebec City and we used to holiday in Montreal and Quebec City.

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My DH is Montreal born & raised. When we go back to visit, there is no substitute for Schwartz'. If the line-up is too long, you can always cross the street and eat at The Main, but we've never been that desperate. We were last there a year ago, and they still only accepted cash, and the waiters are still rude. I wouldn't expect that to change, as they all seem to be lifers. I used to order the "lean", but had to endure much ridicule from the locals (and in-laws), so now I do "medium". "Smoked Meat" is one of the few non-French business/commercial phrases that is permitted under Quebec's stringent FRENCH ONLY language laws. Apparently it was considered (for a milli-second or so) to force delis to call this product beouf fume, but all the separatist politicians still called it "smoked meat".

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Montreal is a wonderful city for restraunts but it it's a very large city so a lot depends on where your sight seeing takes you.

Schwartz is for sure a landmark and can be considered part of your sightseeing...I love Schwartz ...but order lean.

Another landmark is Bar b Barn for ribs and such. A fun place, not at all expensive and in a great downtown location. Food is good but it it's what it is.

Old Montreal has wonderful restraunts all of which will please but they are quite expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barb b barn

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I linked to the menu page but read the Home Page to get a bit of the history

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Here are a few from my ex-SIL again.

The smoked meat called Dunns is still good.
Most BBQ chicken except St Huberts will be good-- Chalet BBQ on Sherbrook & Girouard is great... Or Coq au Bec in Lasalle is yummy too.
And for breakfast Coras or La Belle province would be my choice.
Brioche Doree is great fast food french style.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I really appreciate all your replies! I will look up everything mentioned.

It would probably help if I specify what we want, and if we need to increase the budget, so be it.

A casual French bistro with interesting foods. Quality over quantity. Dh loves vegetables and salads. I smoke meat all the time so it's not that special to me. My friend who is going with us loves healthy stuff ( we are staying at her place in Vermont for 2 days), not plates of fried foods. I like fried foods, rarish treats for me, but I am a gourmet somewhat unfortunately, so hey...

Some place that locals go to for other than french fries and smoked chickens.

I have no idea what we will do for sight seeing other than lunch and am open to any ideas!

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Bistros.... I would park the car, and start walking. Avoid really touristy areas like Old Montreal for eating. There are good expensive places there, and also too many mediocre overpriced places. One of our fav walking streets is Rue St Denis. Also Avenue Parc, and Blvd St Laurent (the Main). Lots of shops and boutiques for miles. I recall a great inexpensive mussel restaurant on St Denis. Not licensed, but there was a wine shop across the street so you bring in your own.

As long as you avoid the chains, and tourist traps, you shouldn't have to look far to find excellent food. We always used to tell our kids, "Every time you eat fast food in Montreal, an angel dies!"

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If that is what you are looking for then St Denis is the street! Lots of lovely small restaurants. I've eaten in several but can't recall the names, never had a bad meal and the atmosphere is great. Many are not licensed but as cook mentions you can buy wine and take it in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rue St Denis

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The last time I was in Montreal I ate at Chez La Mere Michel and recommend it highly. It has charm and ambience as well as excellent food and service. I don't recall that it was too spendy (it was about 5 years ago). Google for reviews.

It's mentioned in the link below which lists some recommended restaurants in Montreal. I've also eaten at Les Caprices de Nicholas but it was very expensive, with tiny portions and not a little attitude. Would not go back.


Here is a link that might be useful: Montreal restaurants

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Oh, Thanks! That is what we are looking for, I'm sure we will find something good now.

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