Menopause and memory loss?

shellyJune 5, 2001

Hi everyone, I have been reading the posts on this forum for awhile, and find them very interesting. I am 48 and don't know if I am Premenopausal or not. I was on Desogen BC now on Mircette for 3 months, and my Dr. said due to being on BC , it will mask some of the symptons of menopause. But I find I can't remember as well as I use to, forget things so easy. Is this just a sign of "getting older" or could it be meno starting? TIA

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A sign of getting older I think. It happens to men too and my hubby is rather prone to it. Can't blame everything on menopause and some of it is just to do with getting older.


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What Menopause?

What Memory?




Oh yea! I got it too.

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I finished with periods at 48, never took anything, period! I'm 53 now, I think.....hehe.
Our mothers before us went through the change gracefully (or maybe not) long before the chemicals. Stats are still out on those.
I say don't mess with "Mother Nature".

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I went through menopause at 40. Because I was younger than most woman start, no one thought to even suggest that that was what I was experiencing. One of my major complaints was memory loss and confusion. It had even begun to effect how I would reason things out. I was convinced I had a brain tumor or some other horrible afliction. I was started on hormones and felt a strong and fairly fast recovery. Estrogen has been linked to memory in many studies.It is certainly worth discussing with a knowledgable doctor.

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Hey All,
I am also having trouble with my memory and foggy thinking. I never had this problem before I had my uterus,tubes and overis taken out due to cervical tumers. My husband always relied on my remembering everything down to the last detail and now in the middle of a conversation I forget everyday words and can't express myself or else tataly forget what I was doing or talking about. I get so frustrated that at times I just cry. I feel like such an idiot that I just don't want to talk to any one about anything at times. My husband has expressed his concern about this problam because he see's it "just ain't like me'. I am 46 and I can't believ this has to do with age all of sudden out of the clear blue. My husband calls me from work to remind me to do inprotant things that I have forgotten, like call my doctor for my refill of medications.
Then when I have a good day of remembering to do certain things my thinking will become foggy and I can't seem to make rational decisions, I just throw my hands up. I remember when my sister(20 yrs. ago) went through surgical menopause her doctor told her she was having onset of alzheimers! My sister has been through hell and back with all the misdiagnoised information from her ob/gyn and I don't want to go through the same thing. I really do ,at times, think I am losing my mind! My doc just told me to take premarin (I won't) and come back in 6 weeks, even though I have all sorts of other difficulties.Can't sleep, hot flashes, vaginal infection , bladder infections, severe constipation, migrains that could kill, awful mood swings, depression, on and on. Please tell me this is menopause and it will go away or at least be controlled. If for one moment I thought any of this was brought on because I am getting older, I think I would rather die or am I already dead? Sorry to be so negitive, but so far I have not seen anything positve about all of this, I just want it to go away, everything but my memory that is. Thanks for letting me sound off. Any ideas?

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I am glad I read your question. I am 41, suspect perimenopause and for the last 8 months or so, I seem to be forgetting everything. I have always been very sharp and on top of things. Lately, I even forget to worry when in the past I would be fretting over things. In that respect it is great, but I feel out of it. I will ask my doc when I see him. Thanks for bringing this up!

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If you are having memory glitches, you will feel more "normal" after reading Even if you aren't, this page should make you giggle....

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No offense Tishy, but sometimes I get the impression that you only post here to promote your own website.

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I agree, I didn't think promoting your own site was allowed here.

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I believe the prohibition is against promoting *commercial* sites - ones that sell things.

Cindy C, what exactly do you think Tishy gains when she refers people to her excellent site? Do you see anything for sale on the site? Do you see any advertising that supports the site and that Tishy might gain some revenue from? I can answer the last two questions for you - there is no advertising on the site and nothing for sale. There is nothing on Tishy's site but well documented scientific information and stories from/by other women going through menopause - the two are very carefully differentiated. Tishy refers people to her site because some answers to almost all of the questions raised here can be found there, along with links to other sources of further information. Have you ever looked at the site? If not, I suggest you spend a little time there. You may be agreeably surprised by what you find.

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Leigh, why are you trying to defend Tishy's site? I have visited this site and find it like so many others, nothing really more subsubstancial. There have been many references made to her site, mostly made by herself. The comments were directed to Tishy, not Leigh. As I've noticed on many threads, it seems you must have the last word.

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Tishy's web site requires no defense. It stands on its own merits.

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Congradulations!! Once again, YOU have the last word!

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I couldn't care less whether people visit my website or not. I have nothing to gain if they do but I don't have the time the time to tell you the things you might read there. Why should I reinvent the wheel? If you do bother to look, you will always find something directly relevant to the question being asked.

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Regarding memory loss, I've been using ginkgo biloba for a couple of months and find that it really helps me. Doesn't help my hot flashes but does help the memory loss for both my husband and I.

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Because ginko acts by increasing blood flow, it tends to aggravate hot flashes and night sweats. It also potentiates the action of anti-coagulant drugs.

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This question is addressed to you ladies who, like me, are experiencing memory problems at this time in life. If you took HRT and found that it helped your memory loss, would you take it? In this case, would you think that the benefits out weighed the risks involved. *Leigh you need not post because we have heard your "anti-hormone tirades" ad nauseum*. Please give others a chance to respond.

I ask this because some ladies have posted that HRT has helped their brain fog.

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Most definitely,I really think it has helped me plenty with my memory, not to mention hot flashes and mood swings.

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I'm well aware of the risks of taking hormones and for me it is very much worth the risk to have my brain function return. I'd rather have cognitive and memory functions at the present time, even if it means a shorter life span and/or cancer in the future. I intend to continue routine screening proceedures and monitor myself for changes. My goal is to use the lowest doses of hormones necessary to achieve feelings of wellness.

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I've spent several hours thinking about this "survey" post. I'm responding here as a matter of prinicple since I think it's important to make the point that no poster should appear to have the right to delineate who may respond to a question and what the response is supposed to be. In the case of this particular survey it probably isn't important since the bias of the questioner is and the expected/wanted answer is imbedded in a poorly constructed question. However, the opportunity for mischief by interested parties is too great to allow anyone to stipulate in his/her posts/questions who may respond and what the response must be.

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Leigh why did you even bother to respond, you didn't "take the survey", you only showed your anger.

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If you spent several hours, as you put it, thinking about this thread, you really do have some serious problems. Leigh, find help!

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Everyone here is either suffering with or dealing with changes in their lives physically, emotionally, sexually, psychiactrically, spiritually or in some other way I can't possibly know, due to menopausal or hormonal cycles.

We all find our way, our own path, and the direction and choices of our lives from internal desires for quality of life, outside influences, and hopefully with informed decisions.

Nobody here is a guru, needs a guru, wants a guru, or appreciates a guru of any one piece of information or belief systems. So, just QUIT IT!

Women are nuturing and like to inform, to teach. We do that here; it is a great forum for sharing and expressing fears, joys, experiences, or to obtain differing viewpoints to an issue with the chance of the world's internet users who are also seeking answers, and to be able to do it, anonymously.

So, quit it. Some women are trying to say this in their posts above mine, some are trying to right what they preceive as a wrong to the board, some are trying to right the wrongs they see in other women's choices and want to "enlighten" them, most here have good intentions and are in the process on this thread and a few others of doing HARM, doing WRONG. So, just stop it.

If someone says something you disagree with and you know they are abusing the spirit of this board the community of the forum, then IGNORE them. And, you don't have to tell them that you are ignoring them, because then you AREN'T! If they become further abusive and you think it warrants an administrative warning or attention, then write to the administrator of the board. OR post a thread that says, "ADMINISTRATION ATTENTION" and leave your contact information, but not the issue that would just cause inflamed feelings.

Sorry to sound like such a anal retentive organizer, but I happen to really like this forum, and I find that when this nasty stuff starts up, it is like a cancer that effects us all.

So, anal or not, I just wanted to do my own enlightening I guess. Not for one method or philosophy of HRT or Menopause, but for this board.

So, can we draw this thread to a close, and start a new one about memory if the originator wants more imput?

I hope so, there are too many wonderful women, too much good information, too great of a resource for this to get muddied up with bashing or lashing out at someone or one another.

Thanks, Ginger.

P.S. Yes, I am deeeeeeply into pre-period, I wanna bleed and bleed NOW mode. So, my intent is not to stir it up, but to TURN OFF THE BURNER.

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I have read all the stories here at this site, and found that I am not alone. I really thought that I was going crazy. I talked to my DR. (the 1st one) about memory loss and confusion, he said , don't worry about it. Easy for him to say. I don't have him for a Dr. anymore,it's not his brain turning to mush. I too am afraid to have conversation with people that I know, because I can hear myself talk and think nothing I say makes sence , or words that I used to used in a comon sentence are no longer there in my brain. The only problem with stoping premrin, I cannot stand the side-effects, so I continue. But would like to take something natural that is not harmful to by body. I have been taking Premrin 2.5 mg. for 15years. I hate it, but what can I do. Please , any suggestions. I am so glad that I am not really crazy, just FOGGY! Kathy K.

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Are you sure it's 2.5 mg? That's an awfully high dose and stopping it suddenly would have to cause side effects. You could slowly wean off it bit by bit though. Seeing you have been taking it for so long and don't mention a progestagen, I assume you have had a hysterectomy. Why are you taking it (other than to avoid the side effects of stopping) and what side effects bother you?

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I have recently been diagnosed with AAADD - Age
Activated Attention Deficit Disorder This is how
it goes...

I decide to do work on the car, start to the
garage and notice the mail on the table. OK, I'm
going to work on the car...

BUT FIRST I'm going to go through the mail. Lay
car keys down on desk.

While discarding the junk mail, I notice the
trash can is full. OK, I'll just put the bills on
my desk....

BUT FIRST I'll take the trash out, but since I'm
going to be near the mailbox, I'll address a few

Yes, Now where is the checkbook? Oops..there's
only one check left. Where did I put the extra
checks? Oh, there is my empty plastic cup from
last night on my desk. I'm going to look for
those checks...

BUT FIRST I need to put the cup back in the
kitchen. I head for the kitchen, look out the
window, notice the flowers need a drink of water,
I put the cup on the counter and there's my extra
pair of glasses on the kitchen counter.
What are they doing here? I'll just put them

BUT FIRST I need to water those plants. I head
for the door and... Aaaagh! someone left the TV
remote on the wrong spot. Okay, I'll put the
remote away and water the plants...

BUT FIRST I need to find those checks.

END OF DAY: Oil in car not changed, trash not emptied,
bills still unpaid, cup still on the counter,
glasses still on the counter, checkbook still
has only one check left, plants not watered,
lost my car keys, . . . . where's the TV remote? . . .

And, when I try to figure out how come nothing
got done today, I'm baffled because... I KNOW I
WAS BUSY ALL DAY! I realize this condition is
serious... I'd better get help...

BUT FIRST...I think I'll check my e-mail.
Who was I going to send this to???

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Rolling On Floor Laughing!!!

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I have been taking Cenestin for 2 1/2 years. Because It is plant based, and I heard that headaches were more prone with Premarin, I decided to go with that one. I started getting headaches 6months after my complete hysterectomy, and at the time was taking .9 mg 2x a dy. I went down to .625 2x a dy 1 yr later, and more recently .625 1x a day. I still get a dull migraine almost daily and don't want to take too much Imitrex to get rid of my migraines especially if it is due to something I can control! Does anyone know of an Estrogen and amount that has worked for them?
I am 37 and have gotten migraines related with my periods for 17 years or so. I want to stop the Estrogen as my mother had Breast Cancer, and wonder if that would get rid of all of my headaches (and worry of future cancer), but worry about being so young, bone disease, the nightly hotflashes that could come again, the anxiety you get when off of estrogen, etc. etc.... Does anyone have any advice or had any luck with a certain kind of HRT? Thanks, Kristy

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Reminds me of a cute joke: Three sisters, 90, 91, and 92, lived together. The 92 year old ran a tub full of hot water for her bath. Then she calls out to her sisters: "Was I getting in the bathtub or out?" The 91 year old calls out, "I'll come help." As she starts up the stairs, she calls out to her sisters: "Was I going up the stairs or down?" The 90 year old is sitting at the kitchen table and she says to herself, "I'm glad I'm not as forgetful as my sisters, knock on wood" and she raps on the table. Then she calls out to her sisters, "I'll come help you as soon as I find out who is at the door."

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I know it is a personal choice, but I take hormones for menopause symptoms. I am very happy with them and my symptoms are mostly all gone. My body produced these hormones before menopause, so I am just adding what I was lacking. As for them being synthetic and manufactured, well so is about everything else we eat and use in our daily lives. I could not stand to be miserable with all those symptoms knowing that HRT can make them all go away. I take 2 mg Estradiol and 5 mg progesterone. The only problem I have is trying to maintain the right levels through my frequent weight gains and losses.

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I use the patch, like it alot. I was on shots for several yrs. but when Dr, retired new doc doesn't want me on them because they kinda play havock w/ the breast. tried preman bout drove me nuts. so tried and liked the patch. I seem to forget more the last couple of yrs. kinda scared me I thought there was something wrong so it's nice to know I am not alone. HRT needs to be a personal decison I think. it does protect your heart and bones, but you do have to consider breast problems in your family. one post said "my mom never did them so why should I" or something like that well neither did my mom and I truly believe if she would have maybe she would have been a lot happier person .once about every 5 yrs. or so her doc would talk her into a hormone shot and believe me my sisters and I could sure tell a difference. I really can't understand sometimes why my dad has been married to her for 52 yrs. she is mad at the world 3/4 the time. we all love her dearly, but when she would get that shot we were all happier even her.

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Menopause and what????I have the memory of a piss ant. Im only 46.At this rate Ill be picked up as the little old lady that doesnt know who she is.I go to a room and when i get there I forgot what i went there for.

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I am 54 and still have regular periods. I (and family members) have noticed that I have recently been experiencing memory and confusion problems. I mix my words up (such as hot for cold) at times and forget names of movies or actors although I know I know them. I am not taking any medications.

If you want to laugh, I went to the doctor for an unrelated problem but I meant to tell her about the memory loss. Well, I forgot to mention it.

Is the memory loss and confusion expected in the year(s) prior to menopause?

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