Noticing Perimenopause Symptoms - Armpit Pain?

BunnyWatsonJune 12, 2014

Hi all,

This is my first time posting to this forum. I am turning 40 in a few months and have been noticing some changes that are likely related to perimenopause (i.e. decreased libido, heavier periods, increased anxiety). I've talked to my doctor (gp) and she says I'm too young to be entering perimenopause with which I don't agree. I have an appt with my gyn in a few weeks and I hope to have more of an informative discussion then. Until then, I've been a little concerned with another symptom I've been having for the past month - a sore and aching armpit. It sounds so strange - it feels like a cross between irritation and a pulled muscle in my right armpit. Feels swollen though isn't swollen. Feels irritated though no redness or bumps. No swollen lymph nodes and bloodwork was all normal. Doc sent me for a (3D) mammogram and ultrasound and all was normal. I even went to a breast surgeon for a second opinion and her breast exam and review of the films indicated no concern. I'm exploring the possibility it could be a muscle strain and met with an orthopaedist who thinks it could be that or perhaps pain radiating from a cervical disc herniation. I'm taking oral steroids and starting pt in two weeks which I hope will help. I did read that armpit and breast pain could be a symptom of perimenopause and I was wondering if anyone out there has experienced something similar and what helped or didn't. I'm getting a little worried and am just hoping this goes away soon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi I have the same thing for quite a time now mine is in my left armpit it is like a pulled muscle type pain with bruising feeling. Mine comes and goes. I take paracetamol for a few days and if its too annoying an ibrufen. I also rub deep heat on it which eases it.
It did come in my right arm twice.
I know it is peri related as with all the other crap that goes with this. Havent been drs as lack confidence in any of them. I did go and drag myself there in november2013 for loads of other peri symptoms was told poss peri go get soy and black cosh. Excuse spelling.
Got the soy but cant take the taste.
I am riding the storm out taking multi vits and couple other things.
Each month things change some better some worse but on the whole havent gone totally mad yet :-) i just look forward to the days I am me again and try to ignore the other me who I must say is a tad skittso lol

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Hello...I'm new to this as well. For the last few months I have been having ever increasing weird episodes that are never consistent. Since I turned 51 I've skipped a few periods. I am now 35 days late and still have gotten it. I get all kinds of symptoms ranging from brain fog, anxiety attacks, bouts of indigestion, pain in knees, pain in left arm, water retention, feeling like I can't breath, muscle aches and pain, sleeplessness, sometimes cramping. I have gone to the hospital thinking I'm dying because all of s sudden I get shaky, can't breath well and fell like I'm going to pass out but yet all my tests come back normal. Do you ladies find yourself having weird feelings? I hope this doesn't last too long. I feel paranoid about leaving the house!

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For me full blown stuff started last year I thought I was dying of something.
Was feeling sick for nearly two months wanted to eat but the thought of it made me feel more sick. Anxiety every day. Breathless like my lungs didnt want to work, I know now the anxiety bought this on and made it worse by thinking this is it. I was shopping once and stopped in the middle of the supermarket thinking I cant go any further I need to leave. For this I counted to ten took slow deep breaths told myself to stop being such an idiot. I was standing having a full blown argument with the horrible cow inside me. It worked and I carried on.
I still get anxious but not as often I can mostly tell her to sod off lol sometimes shes persistent but I feel I can win.
Sleepieness is at certain times for this I just go with it I cant sleep during the day never have so I just sit and rest for a bit. Back last year I couldnt even get off the sofa for days on end, I didnt sleep it was like my body was just not up for doing anything. Lifting my limbs and opening my eyes was a constant struggle. Aches in joints knees and elbows were and still are a pain but not as constant as befor.
I couldnt sleep some night was waking hourly.
As each month has passed different things have eased off and I can feel like myself mostly. But a few days each month I feel very negative bad thought well more doom and gloom like something bad will happen. I argue with myself quite a lot lol but it helps me so this is how I deal with it. One month I know I will be me again and I look forward to it. What I did do was make notes of thoughts feelings pains and so on and its surprising how much well all of it relates to the monthly cylce. I can look at it now and say well its that time again so I know why I feel this way. Hope this helps in some way.
It does get easier sometimes some days I feel 47 and not 74 lol

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Oh and the brain fog in the beggining was so bad i couldnt some times string a sentence together. It was like the word was there in my mouth and the brain rearranged it into gobble dee gook and thats how it came out. I just went slong with it halfway through a sentence I forgot what I was saying so just looked at people like its gone will come back to that later. Fortunatley this has eased and i can put five words together at once now without pausing. Lol. It all comes back eventually somethings just take longer.

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It helps so much to relate to other women struggling with peri menopause. I'm almost 41 and the last 6 months have been so hard! I recently started taking 10 mg of Lexapro just to try to reduce the constant state of anxiety and obsessive thoughts of doom. It's consuming me and I hate it!!! Last night I paced through the house for hours sweating and restless debating on waking my husband up to go to the ER. Even though I know it's hormonal, I become irrational about what's happening every time. I'm grateful to have found this thread to remind me that I'm not alone. Blessings to all of you and prayers for comfort and peace through this transition.

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I've been coming to this forum for a few years and its been a life saver. I've had all the things you ladies are talking about here and more. My symptoms started at 42 and I was told I had depression! I am now 54 and unfortunately, I still have symptoms that have never improved. I could go on and on but won't bore you.( lol ) However, with regard to the armpit pain, I have to say I haven't had it but, my daughter who is 22, gets it when she uses deodorants containing aluminium and other chemicals ie; if she stays over at a friends and uses their stuff. I stopped using these kinds of deodorants a few years ago and I would recommend everyone do the same. Its really easy to find natural deodorants these days. It may not be the answer to your problem but there's no harm in trying. Stay well everyone x

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