Weird menopause symtoms??

imlindyJune 27, 2012

I hope someone on here can relate! I am 51 and in the middle of menopause, yuck!! 4 months ago I had an absessed tooth and they gave me amoxicyllan for 10 days and then I had a root canal. Ever since then I have had my full blown menopause weird head, hot flashes, irregular fast heartrate and just plain feeling horrible. I heard many of you say that magnesium had helped so I tried to increase magnesium rich foods in my diet and when I do, I get alot of draining in my nasal passages which causes extreme burning in my tummy and increases hot flashes and such. I went to the emergency room a few days ago and they said all my blood tests are great and I also had a CT of my head and that was normal as well. They did say that I had sisusitis and had me take a 3 day nasal spray, drainage still happening but not so foul tasting. I am on day 12 of estradial and took 2 days of progesterine, did not take one this morning, as blood pressure feels like its through the roof!! I am also taking celexa (anti-depressant) and xanax for anxiety. I would like to know what kind of supplements or such that can help balance me out. Anyone can relate or have any advice, I am desperate!!

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I have never had nasal issues with my symptoms, but I will tell you I had a lot of anxiety about 2 years ago. The book that helped me was called Female Brain Gone Insane, and the lady doc who wrote it really did a great job of listing suppliments that can help you. Google the title and you will find her website. I take 5 htp, gabba, L-theanine, every night and these things do help me sleep and my anxiety got so much better. Here is hoping you will get this post. I just joined this forum to find more info. Oh I think I can pop a link in here and I will try to put in the site I mentioned. This book helped me so much.

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