Estrace Vag Cream virsus Vagifem

cindy57June 7, 2008

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has tried both and what your thought is on it. I used Vagifem three x a week for 5 months and still had to use Replends moisturizer 2 to 3x a week. My insurance doesn't cover it and I asked my Doctor if there was something else comparable out there but for less money. She prescribed Estrace Vag Cream. It costs me 30.00 for the Estrace versus the 36.95 I was paying for Vagifem. The Estrace is a little messy but you know I get a lot more relief with Estrace than I did with Vagifem and I don't have to use Replends ($14.99) anymore so I'm saving lots of money. The thing is with Estrace I use a small dose every other day and because it's a cream I can use some on the outside if need be too. Where Vagifem you get 8 of those pills a month and that's it. Well just wanted your thoughts on the subject.


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How much do you use every other day? What are the symptoms for which you are using estrogen?


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Hi Maggiecttr, I use Estrace Vaginal Cream for Vaginal Atrophy. Symptoms are dryness, burning and itching on outside and painful intercourse. My life was miserable before starting this medication. The Vagifem worked but not as well as Estrace. I use about 1gm everyother day inserted into the vagina. I was told that by inserting medication into the vagina, it doesn't cross the blood stream like HRT oral pills do. It is a lot less harmful than HRT but yes it is still estrogen.

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