lack of estrogen make you queasy??

sherrieJune 11, 2003

Can having low estrogen make a person queasy feeling? I have recently found out that my estrogen levels are very low, and first thought I had had a long standing flu bug, but lately, everytime I've been out running, I have felt like throwing up halfway thru the run. Its getting really frustrating, something that I always look forward to is now becoming something I dread. Could it be because of low estrogen? It hits me at other times in the day too, but seems to be worse in the am, and worse if I'm doing something physical. AND it feels just like morning sickness! Gross! Thanks! Sherrie

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Sherrie - go to Costco and buy a bottle of Soy Isoflavones - which is vegetable estrogen - it is a lifesaver, non-prescription, totally natural and relatively inexpensive. All my menopausal friends are taking this.

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