Problem sleeping- Feel like I'm Falling - heart palps

KoloradoJune 6, 2013

I keep getting waken up around 4 or 5am feeling like I'm falling, anyone else experience this? Were you able to get releif, what did you do or take?

I'm almost 51, having heart palps, vertigo type sensations, hot flashes, etc,

I'm so tired from not getting enough sleep. When I drift back to sleep, I keep getting waken up again moments later, ...feeling like I'm falling.

Any help will be grrreatly appreciated.

Thankyou much

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Yes, I am having the same issues. The skipping heartbeats(palps), the vertigo.
The falling feeling right before sleep scared me so bad I went to a sleep psychologist. It's called Hypnogogic state and happens usually with bad insomnia or anxiety, which I am struggling with both . I will get the falling feeling, heart skips and sometimes feeling slightly paralyzed all within a few seconds just as I am about to fall asleep. Starles me right back awake, and that can go on and on ...ugh!!
Please go to the Power Surge website. It is a whole website dedicated to Menopause, and they have an entire forum dedicated to sleep issues. There are so many women on there dealing with the same issues as you, and it helps so much to get support and ideas from them.
As far as how I deal with the sleep issues, I will usually get up if it goes on long enough because it just creates too much anxiety for me to keep experiencing it. I don't use sleep meds, because of the addiction potential. I drink Chamomille tea about an hour before bed, that seems to help sometimes. I do gentle Yoga twice a week, that is very benificial as well.
I am sorry you are dealing with all these things. For me, the funky heartbeats and the sleep issues have been the WORST parts of this Menopause journey. Just know you aren't alone and please check out Power Surge, it's been a life saver for me !!!!
Take care

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Thankyou Mrs.rjk,

That made me feel better, to know I'm not alone. =) I'll have to try some Chamomile tea tonight. I tried Melatonin the last 2 mornings, which did help me eventually go back to sleep for an hour or so. I also bought some Magnesium tabs today (read other posts that Magnesium helps with palps) I also bought some menopause supplements made by Kroger, it says compare to Estroven on the box.

I've had this "jittery" feeling from palps for 3 or 4 days now, kindof feels like a constant adrenoline rush, or like energy drinks can make you feel jittery,

I looked for the Power Surge website you mentioned at but it says:

Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!

* Return to the previous page and pick another result.
* Try another search to find what you're looking for.

Or you can continue to at your own risk. For detailed information about the problems we found, visit Google's Safe Browsing diagnostic page for this site.

For more information about how to protect yourself from harmful software online, you can visit"

Is this the correct website address www.

Thanks again for the help

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Not sure what the problem could be with Power Surge, I have been going on there for the last year with no problems, mybe try it again. Do you have virus protection on your computer?? Is that where the message is coming from?
Are you using the Magnesium Citrate? From what I have read, that is more easily absorbed than Mag Oxide.
How bad are you getting the heart palps ? When I had the Holter Monitor last Fall, I was having about 500 or so PVC's a day. It is the scariest thing I have ever experienced I think. Especially when it's happening at night.
When did Peri symptoms start for you??
I hope you start feeling better soon

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