All I can say is UGHHHHH!

CathleneJune 12, 2013

In December 2011 I had my cycle, didn't have another one until June 2012. Had cycles from June 2012 to early January 2013 then not another one until this week (June 2013). UGHHHHHH!! LOL My cycle in June 2012 was really uneventful, just like a regular cycle, however, this current cycle is OMG horrible, not pain wise (actually not have any cramps which is unusual) but the bleeding is horrendous. I do not have insurance and really can�t afford to go to the doctor. Was wondering if anyone else has had this type of pattern and can give some insight to how long I can expect this pattern to last??? Thank You!!

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I forgot to mention that I am 47, will be 48 later this year.

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It sounds as if what you are going through is pretty normal, meaning anything and everything at this stage can be related to perimenopause most of the time. I have the irregular periods as well but they will be heavy for about 2 days and then nothing. My sister however, had what you have the very heavy periods and her doctor related hers also to fibroids. Have you ever had an ultrasound to rule that out? Is there any way you can possibly find a clinic or even a Planned Parenthood to go to so you can get checked out? I wouldn't really worry too much because from what my doctor told me during this time our periods can either get really heavy or just the opposite and be very light, everyone is different. Best of Luck!

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TinaL thanks for the insight. Yes about 5 years ago I did get checked for fibroids and everything was normal. I have been having the hot flashes and night sweats for probably 7-8 years now so I knew it was coming... but for my body to play tricks on me like this is just not cool! LOL I was talking to a friend of mine last night and she informs me she just stopped having her cycles when she was 40... none of this on and off crap... I wanted to beat her up for bragging! LOL I just got a little over excited about the heaviness of this one. sigh...guess it's just a part of the process.

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I've been going through pretty much the same type of thing on and off for the last few years. I didn't have a period this time since Jan 2013 and was hoping that was 'it'; but I started near the end of June 2013, and the period has been long and quite heavy. But no cramping really, so it's not my typical period. I'm 50 years old.

I guess it's pretty much 'normal' for this to happen. Not that I'm trying to say you shouldn't see a doctor if you feel you should.

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58 and still getting visits from auntflow! i thought i was done 6 months ago.Today was so heavy I had to go and get some Hema plex at the health food store. 2 yrs ago I had a d&c and went on progesterone (provera) . It was horrible! But no period while I took it for 6 months, I was a total witch though!!! had a blood clot in my leg that showed up 2 days after the d&c. I was looking into the davini surgery and after the clot he said no surgery for you! If this continues again like it did two years ago I am going to find a doctor that will do the surgery! Time will tell!

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OMG!! auntflow, you are 58 and still getting periods? I am 50 and i am wondering how much more of this rollercoaster i can take and now to think i could possibly have 8 more years of this makes me want to have a complete panic attack!! The anxiety, mood swings and fatigue just to name a few are going to put me over the edge. I feel for you!

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