Heart Irregularities

I_am_not_aloneJune 1, 2013

Hello everyone: I'm curious if anyone has experienced what I have. First of all, just to let you know that I've visited a cardiologist and have gone through a number of tests, and thankfully, my heart appears to be fine. But what I experience off an on during the night when I am in bed, in addition to PVCs, are what I have been calling the "wooshies." This is a feeling of a quick "blood rush" to the head. Sometimes it's a quick "woosh" and other times it's more what I would call a slow "woosh" to the head. Several times during the night I have taken my pulse during one of these "wooshies" and they appear to be associated with what I have called "mini-PVCs." Mini-PVCs, to me, are like the hard thumping PVCs, but only milder and less noticeable. But interestingly, I feel these "mini-PVC" and "wooshies" in my head and not my heart. In other words, I generally don't feel anything in my heart during one of these wooshies. My cardiologist says the wooshies are more than likely associated with blood actually going to my head via the carotid arteries, the jugular, and/or other veins to the head. He said that's why it feels like "blood rushing to the head" because it really is blood rushing to the head. He's assured me that everything I'm experiencing is not life threatening and all my tests are normal (including echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, carotid artery ultrasound, and complete blood work including thyroid). So I feel good about all that. Also, my blood pressure is under control and readings are generally around 115/65 and in that range. I have read various forums to get ideas on how to eliminate or at least minimize both my PVCs and these "wooshies." I've started magnesium tablets, which was one suggestion, and I'm am eating very small amounts of food at night time. I'm losing weight, riding my exercise bike, eating a lot better with much less sugars and carbs. And, above all, I'm trying to keep myself less stressed. So if any of you are experiencing any type of heart irregularities, what are you doing to minimize them? Thanks.

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That Rush- well not the one you always wanted but I have it too. Like you my heart is fine and my blood pressure is normal. Seems to be stress related so I think the best thing is to relax before bed. Try a movie, reading, walking, or yoga. Also no caffeine and no sugar or high sugar foods. One friend suggested oatmeal at bedtime which works for her but not for me. Thanks.

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