Having problems with .gifs......... (help)

JoAnn_FlaFebruary 18, 2013

or whatever you want to call the pictures we add to forums & emails.

I have them made for me at Delphi and never had a problem with them, now they are messing up when they are animated.

take a look:

Could it be Firefox? This didn't happen till I started using it. I usually use tiny pic to upload, but today I tried photobucket and its doing the same thing,
any help appreciated.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I use firefox exclusively and never had that happen, the ones that I try to directly upload to here from my computer do have problems but not any I have stored online.

here is one from imageshack

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I uploaded it to my computer then image shack and its doing he same thing. I don't know whats wrong. Any suggestions?

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You might try the Computer forum also.

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Is this a new graphic? What happens with ones you know have worked in the past? Does it work right in Irfanview or another viewer? I'm using Opera and it's not looking as I'd guess it was intended to look. Also tried Chrome, IE and Nightly. In IE it's not animated but the graphic looks fine. Maybe the graphic itself is corrupted.

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The cat is a new one , it was made for me and was fine. I uploaded it to tiny pic, then it messed up when I put it here.
All my old animated ones are doing the same now. When you look in tiny pic even my old ones are messed up. Whats going on? Photobucket & image shack are doing the same also.

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