I could just SCREAM!

Heathen1June 29, 2006

Okay... I have some hormone related itching... I THINK it's from menopause... I itch like I've walked through poison oak... I've taken benadryl and it doesn't help so I think it must be menopausal... anyway, I've been swimming a lot, and that must interfere with my MenoCream or something... I have been having to up the dose... and while I am waiting I just itch and itch and itch!

Plus, I am SWELLING! is that hormonal? My feet at the end of the day are like potatoes... and I swim and walk... I DO get exercise...

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Can't imagine. Are women cursed or what? Maybe you should check with the doc. Are you eating a lot of salt? Maybe an alergy?

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If there is no rash appearing, you most likely have the cursed menopause itch..mine feels more like something is crawling on me and I continously am swatting at nothing! swelling is indeed a symptom.. your retaining alot of fluid evidently.. time to go have a chat with your physician who perhaps can supply some relief.

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arum, the strange thing is that since menopausing, I have rather been intolerant of salt... things that I liked to eat before seem excessively salty...so I know that I've cut down... BUT, I live in a Japanese household, can you say shoyu (soy) sauce? :o) or can you say somen? :o) I could probably cut down further...
I see the ole doc on the 17th... but he's not much on menopause, unfortunately, and I JUST saw the Gyno doc and I didn't think to mention it to her %$#@!*&^! and I try to bring notes! I was too busy having the ole feet in the stirrups, I guess. Well, it's always reassuring to KNOW that it's menopausal... even though I've tried benadryl both internally and externally, so I was pretty sure it wasn't allergies, though I am kinda the HIVE queen! :o) That kinda works huh, hives and being the queen? :o)

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Maybe you could just give the Doc a call? Sorry you're having so many agravating symptoms. Hope you find some relief soon. How about a cool bath with baking soda? :)

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I've had similar itching symptoms that I've characterized as "transient hives" -- itching will start in one place, even a small rash, and be gone an hour later, migrating to another spot, and so on. It started a while ago while I knew I was beginning perimenopause...I think I'm in fulll meno now (no period for 15 months now, or even a hint of one).

Benadryl and the other itching lotions don't make a dent. BUT I've discovered that Alavert (Loratidine, aka Claritin) helps immensely.

The itchies haven't been bad lately.

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That's EXACTLY how I've been having it... the migrating itchies! :o) Hmmm Claritin helps? I found if I upped my dose of progesterone cream, that helps too. I will try the Claritin, which is easy to get....

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the 'creepy-crawlie' skin sensation was the first sign I had of perimenopause. Never found a fix for it, but for fluid retention, some home remedies work fairly well for me:

eat cucumbers, asparagus

drink a tea made with dried orange peel. The deeper the pigmentation, the better. I forget the name of the orange, but one is almost red. That one's quite good

tea made with juniper berries.

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I eat a lot of cucumbers...:o) good summer food!

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