Is this weird behavior menopausal??

scarlett2001June 22, 2007

My sister is 51 and for the last 10 years has been exhibiting increasingly strange behavior. I would say she has had a complete personality change from a sunny, happy, funny person with tons of friends to a raging angry recluse. She is always angry, has lost most of her friends, is now very - what's a good way to put this- she has her nose in everybody's business and wants to direct the activities of other people. She cries, is impossible to talk to without flying into a rage about nothing. I'm very scared for her. She says this is menopause but she doesn't want to take hormones because we are at risk for breast cancer. She has tried the herbal remedies, no noticeable results.

Can this really be menopause or do you think something else is wrong? My guesses are either menopause, drugs or onset of some type of mental illness. She was always very attractive but now her appearance is also poor. This is just so unlike her. The situation is becoming more serious every week.

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Sounds to me more like depression or another mental illness. If it's been going on for 10 years, steadily, it seems unlikely to be menopause, imo. I could be wrong, but my meno changes have been intermittent with really bad periods of depression and anxiety, and spontaneous return to my normal state of function, and normal periods normally lasting much longer than the depressive ones. See if you can try and get her to seek medical attention.
Mrs H

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We go to the same ob-gyn. I know the doctor can't discuss my sister's medical problems with me, but I am thinking of just talking to her about my concerns. Or is that being a busybody? She will be furious if she finds out I did that. Now she has had a car accident- no injuries but lots of damage to the car. I just don't know what to do.

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