confused about progesterone cream- please help

pufftrinketJune 7, 2007

OK, I'm confused.

I haven't missed any periods, they just got shorter.

Doctor suggested using progesterone, and I can't quite figure out the directions.

Do I wait until the middle of my next cycle? Then, do I just use the cream for 14 days, and wait till the middle of my cycle again? It sounds so complicated and confusing. Do you guys mark a calendar or something to know when?

What would be the risk of just applying it daily, starting right now?

thanks for any suggestions or clarification you can provide- I am so confused!

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I have been on it for a month now and did not see anywhere that it mattered when you start it. I started it right away and it says after 21 days take 7 days off and then go back on. So I just marked my calendar for day 21 and stopped, then started back up after 7 days.

Is yours prescription strength from the dr or OTC (over-the-counter?)I am just taking OTC and it is not helping in my opinion. That is why I am on here tonight to find some help and relief.

Hopefully someone with more experience knows more than I do! Good luck.

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The reason for using it three weeks on, and 7 days off, is that your natural progesterone level drops off right before your period. I would start taking it one week after your period starts. Does this make any sense?
Mrs H

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Yes! Now I understand. Good. I will do that.

This forum has helped me so much I don't even know how to explain it, except to say, Thank God!

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Progesterone, and all the other hormone treatments, have a slow gradual effect. Don't expect a sudden change, but wait 2-3 months and see if you can tell any difference. If not, then it may not be the cause of the problems you are having. I can tell the progesterone cream works for me because I get PMS symptoms on a regular basis now. Prior to my using it, I would go for many months without any hormone level symptoms at all. (I don't have periods due to a partial hyst at a young age). I would rather have PMS than no sign of hormone function at all, lol.
Mrs H

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I use my OTC progesterone cream 14 days on and 14 days off. I started while I was still menstruating and would apply it 14 days after my period had begun and then stopped 14 days later or a day before my period would begin. It took a couple months, but I noticed a dramatic difference -- no more night sweats! Since having the endometrial ablation, I'm not having my periods any more, so I use the cream two weeks on and two weeks off and seem to have good results!

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My compounding pharmacist instructed me to use a calendar and start on day #14 of my cycle, using it for 14 days. (I hated to stop because I felt so much better!)

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Does the OTC cream work? Can you get them at the local grocery? How do you use it if your last period was over 3 months ago and you're not sure if another one will come or not? Having hot flashes and night sweats, along with lower stomach bloating.

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Most progesterone cream is OTC. I wouldn't use one that I could pick up at the grocery store, though. Buy a well-known brand from a health food store or vitamin supplier. I use Emerita Progest, but there are several other choices.
Mrs H

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Help, I would like to purchase progesterone cream but I am unsure of which product to buy as there are so many out there to choose from. Which ones are the best and are they all the same strength? Does anyone know of a good website to purchase from. I live in the UK so would like a UK site to buy from. Thanks in advance!

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I get progesterone from a compounding pharmacist with a prescription from my doctor. It's less expensive than over the counter since my insurance pays a portion.

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