Soy Isoflavones - HRT Alternative

cattknapJune 21, 2002

I recently broke my leg and began to have more severe hot flashes probably because of stress (I have been in menopause for 1 1/2 years with no HRT). A friend who came to visit told me about Soy Isoflavones by Tru Nature which she buys at Costco. She told me that she and most of her friends take Soy Isoflavones and as a result, have little or no menapausal symptoms. She did mention that should you stop taking the capsules symptoms return. I was very skeptical but began to take them twice a day. Within one week my hot flashes were reduced to one or two mild flashes per day but those anxious heart palpatations night anxiety things were last to go away but they are completely gone. I have been on the Isoflavones for 2 months now. I have no menapausal symptoms at all - I am so happy to have found something that is inexpensive and really works. I take 2 capsules at night and one each morning.

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Hi Cattknap :o)

Thanks so much for the above info. We have a Costco very close by and I will certainly check this out. Did you have any problem with sleep? If so, did the above help?


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Yes I had problems sleeping but I've never been a good sleeper. I do sleep better now. Before I started using the soy, I would wake up every night at least once or twice with heart palpatations, hot flashes and an overwhelming feeling of doom and anxiety (I am a very positive and happy person, so these night heebie jeebies were very troublesome). I don't have these any more since taking the soy. I have had a total of two night sweats in 2 1/2 months while taking the soy and that is it. I still have occasional hot flashes during the day - not every day and they are very mild. Before I began taking the soy I had hot flashes several times a day. I feel that the soy has made a tremendous change in my life. I hope it helps you too.

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I take the same exact thing and I buy it at Costco. I just purchased my second bottle a couple of days ago. It definately does help but did not completely take away the hot flashes during the night.
The biggest PLUS here was that during the time I took the soy isoflavones my cholesteral went from 294 to 246!!!
Something else that helps my sleep is taking one of my calcium tablets shortly before bed. I switched from a regular calcium with D to OS CAL Ultra. It has magnesium along with the calcium and D and a few other minerals. I know that magnesium with the calcium is better for you and is more relaxing.
Wishing you all good luck in your search for what works.

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Wow - great news about the colesterol! Sorry your hot night sweats are still a bother. Happily, the isoflavones completely took away my night sweats - I have only had 2 before the soy and they were bad ones. I take 2 tabs in the a.m. and 2 at night. I have been taking calcium at night for the last year and actually, I am sleeping better lately. Interestingly, I decided a few months ago to take 3 soys twice a day and started having ovarian pain - like I was ovulating. So, I went back to 2 soys twice a day and no more pain - so I guess you can overdo the soy. I'm just trying to get through menopause with as few drugs as possible - so a little discomfort is fine. Take care!

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Wow, Cattknap, I'm going thru the same crap with the night sweats and heart palps. I've been taking a herbal medication and using progesterone cream, and its getting a bit better, but I'd like to try the soy. How many mgs. a day of soy do you take? I don't have access to a Costco, so will have to search for it at the superstore. Thanks, Sherrie

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