I'm Going Insane, Can You Save Me?

ARUMJune 6, 2006

Well, my legs hurt and burn at night so bad I can't sleep. I'm hoping it is a syptom of menapause. Do you think so? I do have variocose veins, but I don't think that's it. My knees hurt also, ahve some water on them. I just need to hope I don't have Perifiral Nerolugy(SP). If I do, I guess I'll have to learn how to spell it. :) Anyway, anybody have a similar experience? Thanks, Arum

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Uh, you might get checked for fibromyalgia, which I've heard often can start during menopause. Peripheral neuropathy USUALLY starts as a tingling in your hands and feet...THEN becomes painful, with an attendant weakness in the muscles. But, I'd get checked for both... there are things that can be done, specially if you have the neuropathy, you'd want to find out why.

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heathen1, thanks so much for your comment. I sure hope it's something fairly simple. I've been hearing a lot about fibbromyalgia latle. Think I'll do a search. My insurance is only good if you're to thirds dead already. :) Arum

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Hi arum,
I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. Menopause for some of us can be a real challenge!
When I was in the midst of perimenopause, I developed fibromyalgia, plus I began to have constant tingling feet and legs, and sometimes even my intestines felt like they were buzzing! My muscles and joints hurt sooooo bad. Even my hip joints hurt so bad I couldn't get out of bed or turn in bed!
It very well could be the hormone changes in you. One thing that could help is trying B12 sublingual tabs, 1000 mcg a day (at least), and some other B vitamins. Are you taking a multivitamin daily?
I can't believe all the tests I had during perimenopause! ....and they were all normal.
How's your nutrition? I would try to cut back on caffeine, sugar and refined carbs, and avoid aspartame.
Some of us with fibromyalgia have alot more pain with sugar and carbs. Try to get gentle excercise. Gentle stretching is good. Some people really benefit from water physiotherapy (in a pool).
Try reading up on fibromyalgia. I'm not saying you have it, but the treatment for it might help you through this rough perimenopausal time. But also be sure to be checked out by your doctor! Good luck to you arum!

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Catherine, thanks for your post. I hope I don't go nuts. I'ts 1.12 am, and I went to bed at 9:30. I was exausted from lack of sleep. I hope this mess clears up. Thanks again, :) Arum

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Could also be poor circulation..might help if you asked your physician to check the blood pressure in them. I didnt even know that could be done until a year ago.. you probably wont go nuts but it sure will feel like it at times..besides, it may not be much comfort, but you got alot more going with you!

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mscractch, I DO need to see a doctor. Mylegs hurt EVERY day, and I am getting very discouraged. Thanks for the post. :) Arum

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Well, I think you'd BETTER go to the doc! We don't want you homicidal! Do you stretch and walk at all? Well, let us know what happens....

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Well gals, I did go to the doctor, and I have restless leg syndrom. Should I be happy? :)

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You should be happy if there's something you can do about it! Otherwise... ICK!

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Well, Heathen1, I've been dieignosed with, Major Depresson, ADD, and Restless leg syndrom. Ahh, what's one more thing? Oh, and very bad spelling. :) Arum

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I have Restless Leg Syndrome, I've had it for years, but my legs never burn or hurt. What they do feel like (when RLS sets in, usually in the late evening) is a massive tingling itch covering both my legs. It's very difficult to describe but it is literally impossible to hold my legs still when it starts. Only getting up and walking around, or just continuously moving them while I remain seated, provides any relief. This continues until I finally fall asleep, but some people are awakened by it during the night.

The link below will take you to a page at the RLS web site. This page lists the primary symptoms required for a positive diagnosis. If this doesn't sound like you, I'd persist in seeking answers. If it does sound like you, go to the home page where you will find a lot more information.

RLS is often misunderstood but it's no fun to live with! For me, it is especially annoying when I'm in a social situation that doesn't call for constant fidgeting in my chair or getting up to walk around every few minutes. Since the urge to move my legs in those situations is uncontrollable, it makes for a very uncomfortable evening if we are with friends. It seems to be worse after a sweet rich dessert or drinking any alcohol (which I rarely do anyway).

I hope you find relief for your problem, whatever it is.


Here is a link that might be useful: RLS.org

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Jen. I AM desperate, very desperate. Not with just this problem, but my mind is going. I don't know where to turn. Every idea is blocked. I feel I just need to stop these feelings and thoughts at all cost. Thank you for your kind post.

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Arum, how many tests did you have? I am kinda suspicious... I have had ADD all my life and you can't tell by just one visit to the doctor....unless you spend a lot of time discussing it. Do you feel majorly depressed? Sounds to me like your doctor doesn't really know much about menopause... really. when you get insurance, I'd shop for another one. Maybe female? I AM kinda prejudiced, but I just don't think that men can understand menopause like women can.
I think that Americans are a little over medicated in the 'depression' business... unless you FEEL depressed. Is it situational depression, meaning you are in a bad time, or is it a chemical unbalance in your brain? I dunno... I just feel a little suspicious, but hey, whaddo I know...can't tell over the computer.

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Heathen1, I'v had depresson ever since I was a child, I came from an abusive family, and tht family ended by violence which I witnesed. I do have very bad issues with depresson, and been treated for it in the past. It's not just one problem, it's a mixture. I've always thaought I've had ADD, and I'm not surprised that the Dr said I have it. Still, I have'ft to calm down, and try to get some help. This is a sad world. Thank you for your concern, very unusual in today's society. :)

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No problem, fellow sister! :o) Okay... yeah, I can see where you'd have depression, maybe now's a good time to do something about it, so you don't have so much of a load on your shoulders.... menopause is hard enough, without the rest of it to make things worse.
Sad isn't the 4 letter word I'd use to discribe this world... :o) but this is a family forum. :D

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arum.....are you on any medications?
My mind sounds just like your's. I have ADD too. And I've had depression my whole life. It's not fun.
I've been on a beta blocker for my blood pressure, and it really messed my mind up. I've come down on it a little, and I could think better.......but still not great. That's why I asked you if you were on any medications. Some of them (especially beta blockers), can make thinking very difficult.

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catherinet,no, I'm only on the pills to make me sleep. It appears that my problem has been been due to a lack of sleep. Not just that, but partly that. Are you getting good sleep? :) Arum

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Hi Arum,
Actually, I just had a sleep study that showed I have moderate sleep apnea and mild restless leg. But.....I have so much anxiety these days, that I just can't force myself to go through another study with the cpap mask on (I am a bit claustraphobic).......so I guess I'll just limp along, being fatigued all the time. I need to lose weight, which I will really try to do. I'm also having knee problems, and I think that makes my legs hurt all night long too.
I don't take meds, but perhaps you could look into taking something like Neurontin. It's supposed to help some funky nerve problems, like your burning legs.
Be sure to get enough B vitamins too. You should have an MMA test done to be sure that you are utilizing your B12. (MMA is Methyl Mandilic Acid). Just running a B12 level on you won't show if your cells are actually utilizing the B12 or not.......but the MMA test will.
You might also ask for a Ferritin level to be drawn. Mine was low, and it was giving me some strange nerve sensations, along with fatigue. Fortunately, my neurologist believes that what is considered a normal Ferritin level is really not high enough, and so I took iron for awhile, and it helped.
Please be sure to look at your nutrition too. And definitely quit drinking any aspartame, if you are.
I know you're going through a really tough time, but you WILL get through it, and you will feel better sometime. Hopefully that time will be soon!

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The whole thing makes me crazy. I'm so tired of this health issue. I mean, aren't you just tired of thinking about yourself? I am. But what else can you do? I don't drink sodas at all, I use stevia, a natural sweetner, try to lean near low fat. Life is just nuts! :)

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Hi All,
I followed a link from a 'Menopause' site that brought me to this thread. I am trying to find info for my wife who is experiencing her first peiod in over a year and she is also experiencing heavy bleeding. If any of you have any suggestions, or have had this experience yourself, I would certainly appreciate it:-)

After reading the posts in this thread, I feel compelled to offer my .o2 cents worth.

I am legally disabled and receive Social Security Disability Benefits. I was approved for benefits by Social Security due to Severe Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy.
I have the symptoms that you folks are talking about on this thread. I have the Neuropathy (nerve damage) in my fingers which is relativly new (over the past couple years). The Neuropathy in my lower legs and feet is severe and was first diagnosed 10 years ago.

The nerve damage is hard to describe to someone who has never experienced it. For example; People don't understand when I tell them that my legs from the knee down are numb, especially my feet. Then in the next sentence I tell them that I take 120mg of Morphine daily to help with the pain in my lower legs and feet. The usual response to this is a confused look and an equally confused "Huh?, you have no feeling down there but you take Morphine for the pain? How does that work?"
I've learned to just say that some nerves are damaged and some are highly sensitive to pain. The pain part consists of burning, sharp stabbing pain, aching/cramping and sometimes I feel like someone is squeezing a pair of pliers on my toes and scraping the skin off. The pain is mostly relieved by the Morphine (Kadian), but I still have 'Breakthrough Pain' occasionally that the Morphine doesn't help.

I also take 3600mg of Neurontin a day for the 'Lighter' side of the Neuropathy I.E. tingling, 'creepy-crawly skin' (that's my own description:-)) and Restless Leg Syndrome. Something else that helps the Restless Leg Syndrome is "Elavil" or Amitriptyline (the generic). I take 25-50mg before bed to help me sleep through it.

My reason for this post is to tell you what I do to treat some of the same symptons that some of you are experiencing. I'm not a Doctor, (nor do I play one on TV):-) however, I believe that if you can treat some of your health problems successfully, it may help to alleviate some of the rest of your health problems.

I hope this will help a little............


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Ray, your scare me. I hope I don't have neuropathy,but my legs burn aweful. Doc says I ahve ressless leg syndrom. I'm taking meds now to make me sleep, for the burning, and also depresson keep me awake. I have stoped using search engines, because I'm becoming a hypocondrac. I spell bad too. Your wife should see a good GYN. Her problem may even be normal. Shes probably to old to have fibroids, which cause heavy bleeding, but it may be possible. I understand about your pain even though your legs are numb. It's just that their not numb to pain. arum

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Arum, you are not likely to have peripheral neuropathy unless you are a diabetic. Here is a good menopause website which says that one of the most common things women say at this time of life is "I feel like I'm losing my mind."

I also have the pain in the leg symptom (though not burning) and did a search on that menopause website and found that other menopausal women have the same problem. I had thought about fibromyalgia, but when I looked at the fibromyalgia pressure points chart, the only leg pressure points were in the knees. I decided that was not my problem since my pain goes all the way down the leg. Maybe my problem is sciatica from a compressed nerve. I really can't tell if the pain comes from nerves, muscles, or bone.

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Crazydiamond......I think it's sweet that you are trying to help your wife! How old is she? Sometimes women who get to be around menopause time, get their hormones out of balance, and they build up their uterine lining, but then don't shed it monthly, or don't shed it completely, so that when it bleeds, it bleeds too much. Just be sure she's seeing a good OB/GYN. She may need some hormones, or a D&C. Also, if she's bleeding alot, be sure that her hemoglobin isn't getting too low.

Arum.......lots of people can have funky "sensory" sensations, but it doesn't mean you have peripheral neuropathy. I was told I had it, because my legs buzzed something awful all the time. But then I went to another neurologist, and he did a test (I forget the name of it), and it showed that my motor function was fine, but I was just "feeling" strange things..........so he said it couldn't be called peripheral neuropathy. I was glad to hear that. That's when I started taking B12 sublinqual tabs every day, and it helped.
One disease that can give you funky neuro symptoms is Lyme disease. Have you ever been tested for that?
I don't know if it's how we live in this modern world......lots of additives, preservatives, chemicals, cell phones, poor soil quality so that our food doesn't have enough vitamins, etc., but it seems like lots of people are getting funky nerve sensations.

It's funny that you people are talking about leg pain. I've had it so bad for a couple months, that it interferes with my sleep. But......I have bad knees, and I'm pretty sure it affects my entire leg. Plus, my sciatic nerve is acting up........but that could be because I sleep on a couch and have for years (because of my fibromyalgia).
hahahahahaha just listen to me!! It sounds pretty funny, doesn't it?? I could go on and on!
To be honest with you all, I'm starting to think that our bodies just aren't meant to live so long, and they start to break down. But in this culture of wanting to live forever, everything is seen as unacceptable or seriously wrong.
Sorry to be rambling on.......
Arum.....what kind of doctor have you been seeing? Maybe you need to try a new one?
It makes me sad that you are having such problems.
I'm in a bad slump myself........but surely there's a way out of it.
Have you had a good physical lately, with lab tests run?

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trytryagain, and catherinet, what a surprise to find such kind people on the web! What are your real names? I bet their shorter than your web ones.:) TTagain, maybe you should try a good chiropracter. They can help sometimes, depending on what's wrong. If it is a nerve, I know he can help,cos I had pinched nerves in my neck, and almost lost complete use of my arms. He fixed it.
Catherinet,I just started using this doctor, and he has helped me. I have very bad knees also, but it seems the pain isn't as much now as the burning.Maybe if you got some good sleep it would help. I really appreciate both your comments, it means a lot. Yes, I am getting some test done. :) Arum

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I am soooo happy I checked in here tonight! I have had bad burning in my legs for about 4 days now and it woke me up in the middle of the night last night! I have had it happen in my feet before but never my legs. Now it's in my legs, feet, and even one of my arms! (I hope it's not spreading!) Yes, Arum, I am sooo sick of thinking of myself and worrying all the time everytime my body comes down with something that seems so......weird all the time! Seems everytime I finally get rid of one strange thing thats attacking my body, another takes it's place!!
I have 5 children (all grown now) and am not used to thinking of myself, never had the time. I'd just as soon keep it that way, but my body won't let me!!

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Well, you might have Ressless Leg Syndrom. I'll keep you posted as to what the doc is doing for me. are you getting enough sleep? If not, you may nee the doc to prescribe you something so you can get some good sleep. :) arum

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I find that OTC melatonin works great for sleep. I take as little as .3 mg. and it works as well as a sleeping pill. Better, actually, as there is no hang-over. If I take the 3 mg. size, though, that is too much for me and I am sleepy the next day.

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It's interesting that so many of us have leg pain. Maybe I'm just highly suggestible! lol! .....but my legs have been hurting at night for a couple months. My kneecaps are offcenter, and apparently, this can cause alot of pain and spasms. I saw a doctor about 5 years ago for it, and learned to tape my kneecaps in place (don't laugh!), and I did knee strengthening excercises, and used alot of ice. The problem went away, but has been back for several months, and I keep putting off going to the doctor.......although I am continuing to tape.
Anyhow.....my point is this.......when I last saw this sports medicine doctor about my knees, and he heard I have fibromyalgia, he said that lots of times problems with the knees can actually cause a whole-body flare up of symptoms.
I can believe that! I'm having a ton of other problems now too.
So....even though you all don't have fibromyalgia, it's possible that if you have knee problems, that can be causing your leg pain.

I got sort of panic-y this morning, because of all this pain. Tylenol usually helps, but it isn't this time. I can't take NSAIDs because of my stomach problems. I've made an appointment with the doctor, but I can't get in for a month. I will try ice or heating pad, but do any of the rest of you have some comfort measures for your leg pain?
I have mild intermittant RLS, and I know this isn't it.
When you all say your legs burn, is it like a cramping, or more like a stinging?
I would get VERY depressed if I thought I had to live with this.
Let me get your opinion on something..........I have slept on a very comfy couch for years. The bed is just too uncomfortable for me. But........my butt lines up with where the cushions meet, and sometimes my butt goes down in there. Do you think that could be irritating my hips and legs?? I hope that's what it is, and I can fix that.
Thanks for your help!

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C-,I'm sorry you're having so many problems. It would be good for you to get yourself a comfortable bed. You know if you lay weird, it could probably throw something off somehow. Get yourself a big sock and fill it half full of rice, tie off the end good and tight, then put it in the microwave for 2minutes. This is very comforting on the legs for me, and you may find some relief. My legs burn,(really burn) at night and it's really uncomfortable. The doctor is giving me sleeping meds to help me sleep. Make sure you get your sleep. Please go to the doctor for your knees, because it can turn into something worse. I'm hoping that's not whats happening to me. My knee caps were off also. :)

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C-,I'm sorry you're having so many problems. It would be good for you to get yourself a comfortable bed. You know if you lay weird, it could probably throw something off somehow. Get yourself a big sock and fill it half full of rice, tie off the end good and tight, then put it in the microwave for 2minutes. This is very comforting on the legs for me, and you may find some relief. My legs burn,(really burn) at night and it's really uncomfortable. The doctor is giving me sleeping meds to help me sleep. Make sure you get your sleep. Please go to the doctor for your knees, because it can turn into something worse. I'm hoping that's not whats happening to me. My knee caps were off also. :)

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Thanks arum.
That rice-in-a-sock idea sounds good. (then after it soothes my aches and pains, I can have it for dinner.....lol!)
This is something really weird that happened to me a couple months ago.......I was feeling perfectly fine. Then, in an instant, my legs and arms and back started stinging and burning, to the point I thought I'd have to go to the ER. This went on for about 40 minutes.....then it began to subside. Then my heart starting pounding, and I got a fever! I had the fever for several days. It must have been a virus of some type.
Anyhow....this must be the burning type of pain that you have. I am starting back on my B vitamins again. Supposedly, our nerves can be affected when our vitamin B levels are low.
I found out recently (through a sleep study) that I have sleep apnea. Unfortunately, because of all the anxiety I am having lately, I just can't bring myself to go back for the second required study.......so I guess I'll just have to live with it. I'll try to lose some weight.......but we all know how that goes, especially at this age!
Has anyone here tried 5HTP? I bought some, but have been afraid to try it. It's supposed to help with mood, appetite, and sleep.
How are you doing Arum? I'm sorry if I got your post off track with my own problems!

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Hi Arum, I suffered restless legs syndrome for some time. I used to call it "my dancing legs" because there was no name for it then, but whenever I had it (only occured when laying down) it felt as though my body, from the waist down, just wanted to leap off the bed and dance around the room. Try explaining that to a doctor! I found my cure by accident. I began to have tingling in my feet and hands that was gradually moving up further into my arms and legs. I suffered extreme fatigue, shortness of breath and my tongue began to burn. I thought I was a goner for sure. Turns out I was hypothyroid AND had a very, very low blood count. Once I was treated with an iron supplement "my dancing legs" disappeared forever. Perhaps having your iron level checked might help. Couldn'
t hurt to try. You aren't going insane! It's sad that menopause makes soooo many women ask that very same question and the answer is no. If you want to talk or need moral support my email addy is 2423950@msn.com.

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Catherinet and Kamarch, I intend to comment more later, but I have company right now, and can't say much Thank you both and all the others for your kind and helpful comments. Yes, I said helpful, because you sure are! I have been to my excellent chiropractor and he says that I should take mega doses of fish oil for a week,( there after just extra fish oil), along with magnesium, and that should help if not cure the burning. I have gone to him for many years, and he has yet to be wrong. He has a wealth of knowledge and amazing skill. I will let you know what happens. Hey gals,- been taking your fish oil and magnesium? :) Arum

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Hey arum..........was just wondering how your legs are doing.
I had knee surgery 3 weeks ago, and it should have been an easy recovery, but it's been horrible. I have developed the most awful aching legs! They hurt most of the time. There's about 3 hours during the day when I think I will go insane with the pain.
Have you gotten any help with yours? I have mild restless leg syndrome, and this isn't that. This is very painful. They just ache so deep.

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Hey Gal!!! :) I went to a good chiropractor, and I jsut have a lot of inflamation. He is having me take large doses of fish oil,(12 a day), and magnisium. You should be taking these. It takes a LONG time to work. Months. Also some herbs for inflamation called pro ens you can only get at the chiropractor. Rest up, do you exercises that the doctor tells you. Knee surgery is agood thing, and has a very good record of recovery. Of course it's painful at first, but just wait, I think you will be surprised at how well it turns out. But DO the therapy! :) Arum

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Hi Arum,
Do you think the chiropractor is helping? My husband has a pinched nerve in his neck or shoulder, and I'm thinking a chiropractor is what he needs........but I've heard so many horror stories.
Have you ever considered the liquid fish oil, so you wouldn't have to take so many capsules? I'm sure the capsules are easier to swallow though!
I agree, the exercises are definitely good for the knee recovery. Good luck to you!

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P.S. Arum,
I remembered something else I wanted to tell you about. Ginger is supposed to be a really good anti-inflammatory. You can buy ginger root at the grocery store, peel it, grate it, and steep it in boiling water for a few minutes, to make a tea. That might help with all your inflammation.

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horror stories of chiropractors? I have never heard one! Only good stories! I am currently having sciatica problems, sure would like to go to one! :o) In the past, I have found that they feel so good, you wanna go just to feel good... addicting! :o)

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heathen.....I've heard things like them causing worse pain, and also some strokes. I think if you see one with a good reputation, you're okay though.

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Catherinet, don't hesitate to send your husband to the chiropractor. I've been going to one for 25 years and all he's done is help me. Can't say that about the M.D! My sister had terrible shoulder and arm pain this past spring and finally (after I nagged and nagged) went to my chiropractor. She is now pain-free. It takes about 10-12 visits, but is worth the money. Hope you're feeling better.
Arum, keep going to that chiropractor. It will get better.

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hello everyone, sorry I've been away from the puter.I have been to my wonderful chiropractor, who has saved my butte more than once. He said that with the fish oils I'm taking(12 a day), plus the Pro-eze I'm taking, the inflamation will eventually go away. Boy, it's really a pain,(literaly), and I can't wait till it's gone. Thanks for all your comments. I do have'ft to take medication for ADD, Insomia, and Major Depresson. I've tried many natural things, but it is a merical I haven't commited --------. My medical doctor is a nut. He wants me to take a pill for EVERYTHING. As soon as he saw the results to my colestrol he wanted to put me on yet another drug. Drugs have their place, but we need to try other options first. I'm doing well with my eating habits, and I don't think I will ever have't to get on it. Cathernet, I hope you send your husband to a GOOD chiropracter, not a bonecracker. Many folks who get surgery are never the same, it ruins their life. The stupid clinic said I ahd carpultunnel, and it was pinched nerves in my neck, which my chiropracter fixed completely. Pleas check it out.FHeathenone, I agree with you. I've goten seriously hurt at least four times, and the chiro helped me each time. Don't think those doctors always have your welfare in mind. It's mostly ignorance, and the MONEY they charge your insurance company. :) Arum

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