atrophy and anxiety

mylittleredbarnJune 1, 2013

I am 38 and about two years into perimenopause, which is a typical age in our family. I am married and have had a wonderful sex life until the stress and pain of this time in life hit. I have months where the symptoms are all liveable and uneventful for the most part, and then it's like it all just comes crashing down around me. Vaginal and anal atrophy have been unbearable for several months now, with relief being sporadic although I am working with a new dr. who is determined to help find something that will work. I thought the Carlson's vitamin E suppositories were making a big difference until I also got a yeast infection and the burning was terrible! I am finishing up a prescription for that, and then I want to find something that brings my life back! When these crashing times hit, my energy plummets, my mind is consumed by anxiety, and the hot flashes are almost constant. I have a high breast cancer rate in my family and want to avoid hrt's if at all possible. My dr. brought up trying 5HTP, St. Johns Wort, or Sam-E. I am also looking at a combination of flax and Vitamin E suppositories. So glad to have found this forum--any words of wisdom will be appreciated!

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Try Googling Lichen Sclerosis and see if the symptoms sound like yours. I have that and it sure puts an end to your sex life. I was at an age when I didn't care about that as much but I hate the disease itself. All the doctors said atrophy but one. She recognized it right away. She said she had 5 year old patients that have it. Poor things, there is no cure for it, just meds for comfort if you need them. My urologist was going to do a urinary scope on me. When I said you may have to cut to find the urethra, he didn't say much. I don't think he believed me, until he did a pelvic. After he did the pelvic he got the insurance to approve to putting me to sleep.

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