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sandsonikJune 5, 2010

First of all, thank God for this forum. I never knew how ingnorant I was about menopause until it hit me - and since my mom had a hysterectomy at 40 and my sisters haven't experienced it yet, I find I don't have much guidance about what's "normal" for us. I'm sure I'll be reading all the posts for days to catch me up to speed.

A little background. I'll be 47 in July and always was very regular until a year and a half ago. Last July after several months of no periods and two weeks of hot flashes, I had a doctor's appt and told her I was done, LOL. She said I'd have to have not had a period for a year to be considered post-menopausal and didn't believe I was through it already - the blood test did indicate I was on the beginning levels of post menopausal though. Then I had maybe four or five more periods, then no symptoms of any kind for months.

I have to say it was the easiest menopause I've ever heard of, apart from total lack of libido and vaginal dryness which I kept hoping would get back to normal.

Now I've started having hot flashes again after a year or more, only mine don't seem to be like what I've always heard described as hot flashes. They start with my ears burning and it's only my head that ever gets hot, usually. It seems very different from the ladies I remember in my office fanning themselves constantly. Mine consist of my ears get very hot and my head follows and it fades within a minute. It's always just my head and it's annoying and frequent but brief.

Is that what most of you experience or is this very different? Lately, it does seem to be a bit more like what I think of as a hot flash as I've had some sweat forming on my brow or face sometimes. I get these hourly at times. I have had night sweats once in a while also.

I just don't know if it's bad enough to seek hormone treatment and I wish I had some idea of how much longer it could go on for! That's the frustrating part for me, the not knowing how long it could last or if it will get worse or better!

I wish there was something more definitive than "everyone's different" or "some people can be in menopause for months, others for years". I understand that, but there still must some "average" experience of how long hot flashes last, for example! I truly felt done with menopause (maybe because I never had any difficulty with menstruation either) and wonder if I'm really just beginning or if this is like the last bit before I'm truly done.

Somewhere in there is a question, I'm sure of it! Sorry for being so wordy - it's just great to find a forum like this.

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God love ya! I've had all kinds of hot flashes the past ten years and they continue but have lessened. I've had the ones that make my face flush terribly and then I break out in a sweat. I've had the one that feel like I'm a thermometer and the heat rises somewhere from my abdomen and up thru the top of my head. They can last a minute or several minutes. The ones I get the most of now are at night. I can go to bed so tired and cold and just when I get comfortable and ready to doze off, I'm sweatin' like I'm in a steam bath. My mother was 85 when she passed and she continued to have hot flashes till then. Yes, everyone is different. I think of it as "surging" now! But, I never get use to them. Hang in there!

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I have been having power surges for the last 12 years. At one time I would have them about 1 an hour. I didn't want to take HRT so I looked for a more natural way to deal with them. I started taking a phytoestrogen from the health food store and went down to about 6 surges a day. Almost 6 years ago I switched brands and now only have one or two hot flashes in 24 hrs and sometimes none. The other thing that helps is that I keep a bottle of water in the refrigerator and when I feel a surge coming I take a long drink.

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I am 52 and just started having my flashes about 5 weeks ago. Mine are mainly head and neck but sometimes go down both arms, twice I got this overwhelming itchy head at the end of it (very unpleasant while your driving). My period stopped for 8 months returned for one skipped two now gone for four, There is nothing predictable about meno. I decided if I don't have a serious disease, I can manage. Good Luck, try and be patient with the process.

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