Running hot and cold

cheerful1_gwJune 22, 2006

I started to get chills all the time. Thought, "well, this is what I'm going to get instead of hot flashes". Boy, was I wrong! Now I get hot flashes, then chills. Is this normal? I always read about the hot flashes, but not cold ones.

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yeah, it's pretty normal... not for me, but for a lot of people... I need the chills right now, it's 105º here! :o) Unfortunately, the hotter it is, the more hot flashes I get.

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Yup, I get hot flashes, followed by cold chills and chills followed by hot flashes. Sometimes I get so icy cold that I just can't get warm. When I get the chills, I know a hot flash is not far behind. I think our thermostats are haywire...

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Out of curiosity, how many hot flashes do you get in a day? I average 10.

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wow cheerful! you are busy! Are you on hormones? I, with my progesterone cream only get one or two, but everyone is different... 10 is a )(*&^$#@! lot!

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No, I'm not on hormones. Curiously, the beginning of the hot flashes coincided with the first month of my not getting a period.

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even when I was on hrt I still would get hot flashes, only not as severe..mine were more apt to happen with exertion such as going up and down stairs to that *!*#* laundry room.. and the same with hot/ a faucet.. it seems with some people they will lessen the further you get into menopause, although that isn't helping you much now.

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I hope mine does! My periods are FINALLY starting to become irregular... I sure would like it to happen that when my period stops, so do the hotflashes! :o) It happened for a friend of mine and I am WAITING!

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This is so funny, I went off HRT and started getting sweats.During the night I would wake up suddenly, like "Renie, wake up I have a surprise for you" and WHAM a night sweat. I would get the chills, and shiver (thought I was getting the flu) then a hot flash would follow.
Get about 4 a night but numerous during the day, and for no apparent reason. In air conditioning or not, they would come, and no matter what I was doing at the time
It is true, everyone is different, but this forum is great to hear I am not the only one going through this craziness.

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I am having the same problem. First it started at night and now it is during the day. Hot then cold and on and on. I thought I missed this because I have not had a period in over a year. Is that normal???

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