My Menopause Story

lbarrJune 28, 2009

I had what I call my first "hormonal experience" when I was 38 years old. All at once, I was overcome by an incredible rushing sensation, not quite a hot flash, although I did heat up a little. I started shaking, then I started having dry heaves and actually had to run to the bathroom because I thought I was going to lose my breakfast. This probably lasted 3 minutes. I've had 3 of these "experiences". Since then, periods were 3 days this month, 12 days the next and so on. At age 42 I stated to my gynecologist, "We need to talk about menopause", and he laughed at me! He's no longer my gynecologist. About 2 1/2 years ago at age 45 I began feeling nauseous all day everyday. They did all the upper GI tests they could think of and found nothing wrong. During one visit to my doctor I asked, "Could this be menopause?" She said, without hesitation, "You're too young." And dismissed me and my symptoms out of hand. She's no longer my doctor. I began having hot flashes here and there when I started with the nausea but nothing major. Then, the day after my 46th birthday the hot flashes came on with a vengeance and I've been having them approximately every 20-30 minutes since. I started taking Black Cohosh in January. The box said it could take 4-5 weeks to be effective. 4-5 weeks came and went with no relief. So at that time I started to double up on the black cohosh and added a B-complex vitamin. Still nothing. I added some vitamin E and for about 2 weeks in April I was hot flash free. THEN THEY CAME BACK!! I now take black cohosh, B-complex, fish oil, flaxseed oil and vitamin E. I'm thinking I'll just stop wasting the money and stop taking everything because, IT'S JUST NOT WORKING!! luckygardnr, I have asked my SO to shoot me in the head several times and it's only been 2 1/2 years. She won't do it! Thanks for letting me vent, I am so frustrated!!

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Keep a hand fan handy, and maybe an electric table top fan, too. Use estrogen lotion. It can be a sanity-saver. You can do this!

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Hi Ibar how ru I hope your feeling better than u did i am 46 and struggling with perimenopause since sept 08 my doctor also was useless so i began to research myself ive found a great site called it gives tons of very good info give it a try the problem with this stage of your life is its unique to you and the more you can find out for yourself the better you will begin to feel hope this helps

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Please seek out another medical opinion. There are several medical conditions that can cause the symptoms (hot flashes) that you are having. It may be menopause. This is easily confirmed by some simple blood work. It could also be related to some other underlying condition that needs some medical attention. Please ask friends/family for a recommendation for a family doctor, one who will listen to you and to what your concerns are.

If it is indeed menopause, there are treatments for the hot flashes. You need to become educated regarding what really works. They call this "evidence based medicine". In other words, treatments that have been scientifically tested and are known to work. Not just some company that is anxious to take your money. Bu finding a good, caring MD or NP who will listen to what you have to say, run some tests to further evaluate, I'm certain you will get the help you need.

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Oh Ibarr, I am SO sorry. I'm 39. I've been saying to my Doctor for a year now that I am going in to menopause too and she also "blew me off". How frustrating. Well last week I had some blood work done and my FSH levels came back at 96.5 - they had been bouncing around for the last 3 years anywhere from 6 up to 17 or so. Needless to say, I have some MEGA hot flashes too. I have also been really nauseous. I didn't realize this came along with it! I have had a blood clot in the past, so I am not sure what I am going to be able to take to help me alleviate these symptoms. All I know is that I'd REALLY like to get some sleep.....

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