Can someone Knock Me OUT???

ARUMJune 21, 2006

My doctor precribed sleeping medicine, but I'm a nature creature. Do you know something natural that will KNOCK me out? I have'ft to have some SLEEP!!!! Thanks, red eyed arum. :)

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Okay... Now I use lemon balm (melissa officinalis) knocks me out... I can have a whole tea ball full of the stuff and sleep 10 hours. Plus it's a minor anti-depressant. PLUS, you can adapt it, for instance, I am a light weight, for a good night's sleep I only need a teaspoon full in a tea ball for tea, but if you need more, you can up the dose, whereas with a pill you can't. Easy to find and cheap, you can even grow your own, but it will take over.

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Gal, you help so many people on her, they should start paying you! :) Well, I was growing it, and dug it up and threw it away! Dang! Guess I better start lookin for some. A mild antidepresent to? Too cool! :)

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thank you dear! I dunno... I just never say when I learn from others in here. :o) What's this forum for, but to share?

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Try Melatonin. You will find it in the vitamin section.
It's all natural. I heard of this in my vitamin and mineral book. It works great. I started using it because I have a 3 year old and I havnt slept through the night in such a long time. This works great. I take it every other night and I sleep so good. And you do not feel tired in the morning either when you awaken'

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Sharpclaws, thanks for the info. I think I'm going to try that. :)

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I tried everything for making me sleep. Melatonin didn't do a thing, in fact I stayed awake even more. I tried sleeping pills from the doctor, they didn't even work. Lately I have been taking Siberian Gingseng and drinking Sleepy Time tea before I got to bed. This seems to work. I take 2 Siberian Gingsneg, two in the morning, and two at night. It says right on it that it can be helpful for insomnia.

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