Sudden onsets of crying

georgia_mountain_ladJune 9, 2007

This stinks! I am fine, feeling great, then all of a sudden everything (joints, bones) hurts and I break into tears. I am 55, still having regular (but shorter) 3-day periods, and am on a low dose (25 mcg) of Synthroid. I thought all this bad stuff happened AFTER you stopped having periods. Are my hormones going haywire? Sometimes I feel such anxiety that I have to just MOVE! Had a cup of soy milk last night and some B12, and that seemed to help. Somebody please tell me they have felt the same way and came out of the other end of the tunnel!!!!

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My good friend had serious emotional disturbances...thought she was losing her mind. Very emotional, all over the map that way. She went on HRT and feels normal again for the first time in months. I guess I'm starting to sound like an HRT commercial, but your symptoms are what my friend reported to me. I don't know anybody for whom herbal stuff has worked well. At least yet...maybe someone else will come on here and give us some good info on soy hrt alternatives.

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I'm not out the other end of the tunnel yet...but I've had the erratic bouts of emotional upset. Lately however it's more crabbiness than crying. Today especially, I'm on day four of a really heavy period (periods are now two weeks apart and it sucks) and every little thing is p*ssing me off today. It is such a struggle to not vocalize how I'm feeling or WHAT I'm thinking! Days like today I have such an overwhelming anxiety level that I just want to scream.

You are not alone. ; )

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I'm there right now; not having periods, but having bouts of crying, crankiness and anxiety. Wish I were out the other end of the tunnel. Feels like it's not going to happen soon.

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I was like this too and have felt so much better since I started taking B-12 and Balance B 100 vitamins.

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I get it too much. My husband gets frustrated and tells me to "grow up". Men will never understand what we're going through.

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Grow up!? Spend some time in our sanitary napkins, for heaven's sake!

If men had periods and babies they would be handing out Nobel prizes for it (and all families would have only one child, if any).

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That is so true linnea56, and to Cheerful, your husband better pray that when his body falters you will be there to pick him up.

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