Period 11 month Gap Late Perimenopause

VioletBelleJune 11, 2014

I thought I was finished - 54 and no period for 11 months. Then all the signs came and the night sweats went and a period started! So the clock starts again. Anyone else have a long gap and what happened next?

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Yes. I'm 50. Early last month after a year and a half of no periods, I get a period. Of course my mind went to the worst place. I made a doctor's appt since I was due for an exam anyway. He ordered an ultrasound and that came back normal as well as the Pap smear. He said it's possible to have a "last hurrah." My hot flashes ended during that time and I started sleeping well again. Unfortunately that didn't last long. Other things can cause bleeding so it's a good idea to get checked out. Hope all is well.

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I also had a brief period after a year & a half, my Dr called it a "rogue" period, lol!

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Lol, I like that one.

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