No more hot flashes

betsyfJune 28, 2006

Hi, my name is Betsy and I'm a lurker. But now I have something to contribute. Might be a bit wordy, but bear with me.
In Aug. 2003 my family and I moved to south Florida from Illinois (hubby retired). Besides horrid night sweats, I also had mono, but did not find out till Nov. that it was mono. I thought it was menopause hitting hard and fast. By Feb., Dr. said mono gone (?) so I could resume normal activities. Yeah right. The night sweats got worse. I was hot day and night but assumed the day sweats were more from the Florida heat and humidity although I rarely left the house and a/c. My libido was totally non-existant. That led to depression. Eventually in 2005 we decided to move back to IL - 2 direct hits with hurricanes in 2004 made the decision easier.
Night sweats continued in IL but the depression was gone. Guess I just missed being "home". Let me note here that my husband is the only one that liked Florida. My 24 year old son hated it and my 12 year old daughter only tolerated it.

Anyway, to my point. We moved to IL in May 2005. In March 2006 hubby's Dr. told him to follow South Beach diet to lower his cholesterol. We both went on it and to date, his cholesterol is down to normal range and he's lost 30 lbs.

I've lost 18 lbs and guess what - no more hot flashes or night sweats. My energy levels are where they were in my 30's (I'm 55). My libido is back - not like in my 30's but it's back!!! About the time we moved back, my periods went from every 30 days to about every 3rd month. Since South Beach, they are about every other month and much lighter than they have been in 12 years. I used to be housebound for the 2nd and 3rd day of my period because the flow was so heavy. REALLY HEAVY.
South Beach not only made me lose weight, ease my menopausal symptoms & restored my energy, it made the aches and pains disappear. I used to get up from a chair and feel like a 90 year old with severe arthritis. Hubby and I feel so healthy and vibrant again. And almost sexy. In fact, hubby takes his bike out on bike trails and does 20 - 30 miles at a crack. I've landscaped our whole yard even digging a small pond by hand and wheelbarrowing the dirt to the other side of the house. Two years ago I could barely get out of bed to get my daughter off to school. My son did the grocery shopping because I didn't have the energy and for some reason he wanted to eat. LOL
And it's all due to changing the way I eat. I swear to this on the life of my children. Look at what you are eating and see if eliminating sugar, white flour and processed food helps how you feel. I'd be more than happy to discuss this with anyone. God answered my prayers and now I want to pass it on. Peace. Betsy

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Oh, and one more thing. I stopped taking all forms of soy when I started South Beach.

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I am one of those people that think that losing weight would solve half the Americans health problems... but usually, that doesn't include menopausal symptoms, due to the fact that estrogen is stored in fat, so it makes sense that the fatter one is, the less menopausal symptoms they have... but I dunno. Glad it worked for you! Stay thin! :o)

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heathen1- You've got it! My ob/gyn told me that thin persons have a more difficult time going thru the change. I have always been thin and now, at age 48, it seems I'm paying for it! Symptoms galore!

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I did an elimination diet for my arthritis and other autoimmune conditions. Guess what - same results. Vibrant health and pain free. Gluten, dairy, soy, sugar and processed free and low carb living - it's the way to go isn't it. I am always looking for recipes, maybe I should check out the South Beach for some new ideas.

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Oh, and I have been living this way for two years now. If I get off track, so does my body. Plus I take supplements.

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