leg pain

beauty2009June 10, 2011

does any1 out there suffer from really bad leg cramps during the night which wakes you up and is so horrible it requires painkillers i wake up quite a lot with this sometimes in 1 leg and foot sometimes in both sweats are getting better now tho

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Hi beauty,
how're you doing. Hope you had a good holiday and feel a bit rested. I'm actually quite glad to say I dont suffer from leg cramps during the night. I'm still hot and cold which is really bizarre. Some nights (and days) I just can't get warm at all. It has to be really warm outside for me to feel comfortable. I've been feeling quite good recently, but whilst I was out earlier I started to feel that odd light headed way I sometimes get. Its a horrible feeling and quite scary. It also comes with a pressure in my head. Not quite a headache but something. Its never bloody ending!! I've cut down my working hours now which is great and I'm doing stuff from home. I screen print and its really relaxing cos I don't have to put up with the crap from colleagues or customers. I'm hoping to do it full time and give up my job completely. We're off to Amsterdam for a week on the 19th. Can't wait. Hopefully have a hot holiday in August too. Could do with some sunshine. Keep well in the meantime and take care. I'm sure the cramps will pass. Susan

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