egg whites in the fridge -- how long?

fearlessemAugust 2, 2007

Hi all --

Anyone out there have a sense for how long egg whites will keep in the frige if covered wth saran wrap? I made a key lime pie two days ago that used 4 yolks, so now I have the whites, want to make some meringue or tuiles, but can't bear the idea of turning the oven on!

Thanks in advance!


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I keep whites frozen in little plastic containers in the FREEZER for times when I need 3 whites. I find that 3 whites is a good # for recipes.

So my advice is to freeze em today.

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I always have egg whites in the freezer....but they will keep a surprisingly long time in the frig...a week easily.
But now that I am older and smarter ;-) I just keep a container in the freezer with a running number on the top ( i.e. a 2 crossed out and a 4 crossed out and a 7 written in!) When I get to 12, I make an angelfood cake.
Linda C

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According to the USDA, raw egg whites in the refrigerator are good for 2-4 days, 12 months frozen.

Check the link below for more information, especially the egg storage chart towards the end of the page.


Here is a link that might be useful: USDA Egg Fact Sheet

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Thanks everyone, for the excellent suggestions! Linda C -- love the idea of a running tally... I will freeze them today!


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Either that, or dry them.

Leave leftover egg-whites to air dry on a loosely covered flat dish, peel off when dry and store. Reconstitute with 2 tablespoons of water.

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I've already had them for a couple of weeks. Should I just pitch them or try to whip them and see what happens?

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