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cheerful1_gwJune 4, 2010

I started looking through old posts and realized I've gone through peri-, full-blown, and post-menopause with the help of all my friends at the forum.

Thanks for being there for me then, and now.

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Hi cheerful, If you don't mind me asking, are you feeling better? If so how long until the sky turned blue for you again. So far I've been in menopause hell for six years. This year being the worst. Please give me so hope to hold on to.

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From what I can figure out, I started peri in my late 40s(I'm now 55). Went through about 5 years of hell(hot flashes; bad mood swings; marital issues).

Been on HRT for 3 years, which has eased but not eliminated my symptoms. The worst thing happening now is the weight gain, osteoporosis and some anger issues.

To answer your question lostnj, I'm better than I was 5 years ago, but not where I want to be. The sky is blue, with patchy clouds.

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Cheerful thanks for responding so quickly. I am also on hrt have been for 18 months. Definitely helped with flashes, nightsweats, dryness etc. What has been awful for me is panic and anxiety attacks worse by the day. I am 49 and started 6 years ago. I am glad you are feeling a little better hopefully the rainbow will shine for you soon.

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