what to do? what to do?

noopy9June 24, 2010

I had my uterus out 10 months ago now. I have had bouts of insomnia especially in the beginning of those first few post op months. I have had a few urinary tract infections for no reason, and now I have pimple out breaks occuring on my forehead. It is not anywhere else (yet), but it resembles a pimply rash increasing in intensity and then nearly clearing up again within a space of 15 minutes! But, it is always there, and if I get stressed, eg running to work or even feeling my bossis upset with something it appears and then feels like it is burning as well! Stress really sets it off! Obviously I have been compensating with my hormone levels since the op, as my ovaries were completely atrophied 6 weeks after the op. I work in a very stressful job 2-4 shifts a week and now I am turning up at work and if in the least bit stressed feeling this prickling burning feeling and this forehead rash/pimple thing appears! What is going on! I have been taking some macca root night and day for a few weeks now, and havn't taken anything else for many m,any months. what can cause this? Now I am terrified it will get worse and stop me from doing my job. My job is very much dependent on dealing face to face with people in a high stress environment. Would the low-dose contraceptive help this? Just needing some help or advice here. SCAREY!!!!!!

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I'm sorry no one has answered you yet noopy9. How are you doing now?
Women think that the transition through menopause is easy, once your uterus is out, but that's not true. I started perimenopause about 13 years ago, and I'm still having some funky symptoms of hormone fluctuation.
May I ask how old you are? Did they want to take your ovaries too?
I'm sure you are just dealing with having lost your estrogen. Have you tried black cohosh? Sounds like you're having hot flashes....in the form of a red face/pimples.
What does your OB/GYN say?
Sometimes cutting back on carbs/caffeine/chocolate, etc. can help with the hot flashes.
Unfortunately "the change" can take years to complete.
Good luck to you.

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