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homersgardenJanuary 6, 2008

I have been lurking a bit and read a thread on here about white cabinets versus wood. Right now we are in the beginning stages of a kitchen remodel. I have nice soild oak cabinets that I am not too fond of. They are great cabinets and I like the layout of them, but don't like the color. When we remodel I will be adding a few more cabinets (possibly) and think I can find some to match what I have now (I really don't want to get all new cabinets because of the cost). My question is: Is it worth painting (this would be an off white with a stain to age them) or restain (a darker color) my cabinets? I would hire a professional to do this most likely, but just want to make sure this would be the most cost effective. I mean if it would only be a $1000 to buy new doors I may go that route. I know very little about kitchens and the costs of remodeling them so I am sure I will learn a lot in the next few months! Thanks

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Ah, a question for me. ;D

We did just exactly that. Painted our oak cabinet and at the same time, bought new unfinished custom paint-grade poplar doors and drawer fronts. The doors themselves cost around $800 plus around $150 Fedex shipping from Canada. We bought ours at Randy Howse doors. There are a TON and I mean a TON of cabinet door companies online (because apparently "custom" cabinet makers don't make their own doors at all) but we opted for Randy Howse because of their price (cheaper from Canada) and what they offered. The doors came perfect and the end result is wonderful - you'd never know it was the same kitchen.

It was, btw, a lot of work, but not hard to do.

Randy Howse doors -

Below is our kitchen pictures

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen pictures in kitchen album

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Door costs will very widely depending on the style and wood. I bought 15 doors and drawer fronts in maple shaker style for $300. That's about as cheap as they go. Nice thing is there are plenty of sites to price doors online.

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Someone on the woodworking forum stained theirs a dark color I think it was called expresso. I think they looked beautiful.

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Do you have to replace the doors or can you just paint/stain them to give them new life?

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I painted my cabinets myself. I used Fine Paints of Europe's Brushing Putty to fill the grain of the oak and then I painted them. It was a TON of work, but it saved us so much money in the end. Here is before and after...


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Kitchen cabinets look great, Jeannema! Floor change complements space so nicely and I like the gingerbread bridge gone from above the window. All your effort was definitely worth it!

(Hard to believe today that that orange flooring was once sooooo popular. LOL)

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jeannema -- I'm trying to fill in the grain of my oak cabinets too. I'm using MH Ready Patch per Nodirthere's suggestion. It works out to a smooth finish, but it's hard to work around the curves of the trim work on the doors. I'm wondering if you could describe your experience with the brushing putty in more detail. Thanks!!

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Bumping this up, hoping to hear more about the Brushing Putty.

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Great thread, however I noticed someone mentioned they bought their doors at Randy Howes -- Lucky them! I had much different experience with this company. I suggest one does some research before purchasing anything from Randy Howes.

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