thin fingernails

artmomJune 8, 2006

Hi all, new here. have been having meno symptoms for a year or so but have noticed my fingernails are thinning and splitting just like they did pre babies over 21 yrs. ago. Am I lacking vitamins? I've been taking womens vitamins daily but should I bump up to "golden years" vitamins? Anyone use nail polish they really like? When I had a manicure they did wonderfully but I don't want to do that all the time.thanks!

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My guess is you are not lacking vitamins, its another symptom of menopause with the splitting nails. More likely your estrogen and progesterone levels are the culprit (and calcium, etc.) They affect everything. Your manicures seem to work, so discuss this with the manicurist and quite possibly she will give you some excellent tips on how to maintain them yourself, such as a polish strenghtening choice, etc.

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