Vaginal Atrophy

Nikki.LestatJune 27, 2012

Hi all - I was told I have vaginal atrophy over a year ago. I would like to do something for it, but I am hesitant to see another doctor because the last one was indignant, arrogant, and insulting; and ended by telling me it was my own fault (I was celibate for many years prior). I now have an awesome life partner, unfortunately sex is horribly painful. I have also developed a nasty greenish discharge that is worrisome. Are there any homeopathic remedies for this problem I can try? Thanks for reading :)

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Get a different GYN who has interest in menopause. I have had success using multiple remedies. (1) vaginal lube without glycerin; (2) low dose hormone replacement (0.3 mg estrogen/1.5 mg progesterone) (3) Estring which releases local estrogen into vaginal tissues. It is inserted vaginally and left for 3 months.
I have had great improvement, but it is expensive bc of the cost of the medications. Additionally, hormone replacement is not without risk, but I take a low dose. The Estring took several months to get the maximum improvement with the be patient.

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Had you gone w/o for a long time prior to starting your remedies? And how long did it take for the remedies to work?

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I have had vaginal atrophy for several years and it is so painful that I stopped having intercourse. Not a big problem since I am single but it is a problem because I would still like to be sexual but it's difficult to explain to someone you date the reason you don't want to have intercourse. Men just think you can add a little lube and it will be fine, but that doesn't work for me. I had breast cancer at age 40 and the chemo and other estrogen blocking meds put me into early menopause . My doctor prescribed me some vaginal suppositories but they cost $300.00 for a thirty day supply. I'm looking for other options and suggestions.

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Hi flablonde. I had the same problem, and Replens and vaginal dilators helped me a lot. I'm also using Femring, but that is pretty expensive. Without insurance I'd be paying $300 for three months, so about $100 a month. Thank heaven I have insurance.

Anyway, I went into more detail in a previous post, linked below.

I wish you luck; this isn't fun.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vaginal Atrophy Strategies

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