truluvApril 7, 2011

ok so Im new at this, it's my first time poetic here, and I wanted some answers... my coworker is a very beautiful girl, and I kind of got a crush on her, she is engaged tho, how would I be able to tell if she's interested in me? If I can ask her out, I mean I've dated women that have been married, but I've never had a crush on someone that's engaged, and I don't want to ruin everything, I want to know if she's interested, before I make my move.

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dont bother,shes engaged for a reason.she obviously wants to marry her fiancee.Im guessing your very young,your crush will soon pass,leave well alone.

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Jeez dude...ask out an engaged girl...dating married women...wow aren't you quite the upstanding guy.

Go ahead and 'make your move'...hopefully one day you will be married and someone will do the same to your wife and she will run off with him...that's called karma.

Or even better, her fiance is MMA fighter or Navy Seal or something...

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That ship has already sailed.

Find another one still in port.

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Why not just date girls who are free ? Your life will be a lot less complicated.

Keep away from married women, and engaged women.

Think about your morals, dear chap.

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