What makes you say 'darn' about yourself?

maggie200June 13, 2011

Hello Pausettes, I know there are times when we think we may go out of our minds, But we try and we try. Yesterday morning I used up the last of the TP and I had TP on my mind until I left the room. I Returned later & said Maggie, why can't you follow yourself out to the closet and fix that situation right away? Well, I simply can't it seems and that's alright. Right? Tell me some of your favorite stories about yourself.

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I am not sure what you mean, but I think it is about menopause symptoms. I didn't have any emotional signs going through menopause. But I do have a story regarding hormones. I was having serious headaches, that went on for around 17 years. I was around 40 when the doctors tossed me in the "nerve" basket. Hormones would cure everything of course, but I wouldn't take them. Finally my doctor said I have a new med I want you to try, it is 5 meds in one pill. Okay, I took them. Then one day my husband I were in the car going across town and he had a bag of chocolate covered peanuts in his lap. Every minute or two his hand would rattle the bag and then crunching the peanuts in his mouth. It went on for a while when I raised my voice and said can't you stop eating those things. On top of that I had trouble with my eyes, went to the eye doctor, was told it was the pill and that cost me $50. Later I went to the pharmacy and asked what was in the pill.....hormones, sneaky doctor. I told the pharmacist the effect it had on me, he said, "then you don't need hormones, that is what happens to women who have to many hormones." My husband laughed over that little episode until he lost his memory. He knew that I never acted like that.

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