First dish you prepared for your DH/DW/SO?

angelaidAugust 9, 2012

First meal I can recall preparing for DH was cornish game hens and stuffing. Phone rang as I was pulling dinner out of the oven. It was some girl he had gone to grade school with who had looked him up. He talked to her for a longgggggg time while my little hens sat there getting cold. I was seething inside, but managed not to have a temper tantrum. That night was the first time he told me he loved me because I "was so easy going and just rolled with the flow" If he only knew! LOL

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I don't remember what the first meal I prepared was for either my first or second husband. I do remember the first spat I had with my first husband was because he did not like the tuna noodlle casserole I made for dinner and he got up and thew his portion in the sink! I was horrified...not that he didn't like it but that he would do that. After we argued about it later I found the can of tuna still sitting on the counter...I had forgotten to add the tuna and the casserole was as dry as a bone!

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Tuna or no tuna I get why he is your "first" husband !

The first meal I cooked for my husband was boneless chicken breasts with a green peppercorn sauce can't recall the sides but the starter was French Onion Soup.......burned the toast rounds twice before I got it right.....seems I was distracted ;)

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I don't remember the first meal I cooked those many years ago, but I do remember that when we were first married we would make many a meal out of Chicken Pot Pies. I think they were very cheap (1955)....and that was it.They don't seem very filling by today's standards....maybe that was why we were so skinny. lol

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We'll be celebrating our 36th anniversary this month. Married in college, the first thing I really remember making was tuna noodle casserole (cheap meal for poor students). The problem was with the quantity I made (a large corning casserole dish). It was delicious but we ate it for 2 weeks (not every night, but definitely often). We were so tired of it, I didn't make it again for probably a year! We still remember that fondly and laugh about it.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Grilled salmon and pasta. Guess what year it was?
However, the sauce I used for the pasta is so horrific I won't even mention it. I can hardly believe I thought it was yummy (and clever!)
I'm sure we also had a fancy salad as dh has always loved his salad. Still does.

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I remember making a "special" breakfast for my (now ex) husband. I think it was something baked, with peaches. Problem was, it was a gas stove and I grew up with electric. I did not known you had to light the oven. It was some kind of peach dish with a raw dough crust. On top of that, I kept waiting for him to wake up and finally I had to go wake him. He kept saying he didn't want to get up. He sat there in a stupor, ate the raw dough and peaches and went back to bed. Not a great start, but at least I learned to light the oven.

In spite of our many differences, he did learn to say "good dinner" when I cooked for him. I learned to cook!

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Apple pie....we had gone for a fall leaf gawking ride, bought some apples and he then told me he didn't like a raw apple, he only liked apples in pie, so we went to his apartment and I made him a pie rolling it out with an I. W. Harper bottle.
It was good even if it did have an "embossed" crust!

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Bake brie wrapped in puff pastry with sundried tomatoes and pesto. It was just about the only thing I knew how to make at the time and I thought it was so fancy :)

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I don't remember. I don't remember what the first thing I made for my ex was, that was in 1974, I barely remember supper yesterday for crying out loud. I don't remember the first thing I cooked for Elery either, but I'm sure it had vegetables and/or beans and probably bread, because those are things he likes.


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One of the earliest meals I remember making is my boneless chicken breast dipped in mustard, worcestershire and garlic and melted butter, then rolled in breadcrumbs and parmesan.
He only likes the white meat, and thought this was one of the best ways to eat chicken. He still does.

Another early, early one is sausages in red sauce. He was hesitant as he doesn't care for sausages all that much, but I put a sweet/spicy sauce on and cook it, and that's one of his favourite meals too.

I'm lucky in that hubby/so will eat anything I make, as long as it isn't cooked eggs, or mushrooms. He recently told me I can put mushrooms in food, as long as they are big enough that he can pick out. I never have put mushrooms in at all, just because he doesn't like them. Now I know I can.

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It was a picnic dinner I took to now DH at the shop he owned in those days on a night when the stores stayed open late (1973).

Menu was lemon-mustard chicken breasts, potato salad, deviled eggs, a marinated tomato salad, buttered rolls, cherry crumb pie and iced tea. I bought the rolls at a bakery but made the rest from scratch.

I guess he liked the meal and the cook because we moved in together a few weeks later, were married in 1976, and still having picnics together.

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The first dinner I cooked for Wayne was back in 1981, the year we were married. It was Chicken Cordon Bleu. We had rice pilaf and green beans. It came out just a bit more cooked then I wanted but he liked it very much. He had 2 helpings so it must have been alright. NancyLouise

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Maybe not the first dish, but fairly early on in our relationship, I made steamed whole fish made the traditional Chinese way. My husband is a nice Caucasian boy from small town Saskatchewan...his idea of fish was a little white cake served with lots of lemon slices.

Anyway, he had no idea what to do with this fish..he muttered something about not knowing how to eat it, and not being sure if he wanted to eat something that was staring at him!

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Thanks Annie! I don't remember either!

I'm guessing it might have been chicken saltimbocca. It was something I learned to make long ago and it always pleases. I probably bought fresh pasta and steamed some asparagus. There may have been wine but it's also possible there was none. No idea what I might have done for a dessert. Ice cream and pretty cookies, maybe.


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On a whim I invited my now husband to dinner over a weekend. I told him I had chicken to grill, some nice summer corn and the makings of a salad. He took over the grilling which he likes to do while I did the corn and salad. We sat down to eat, then he told me he couldn't digest corn well. I didn't understand why he didn't tell me, I could have put something else together. But he's such a nice person, he didn't want to make a fuss.

And that's the way it still is. He's the most accomodating person I know. Fortunately he genuinely likes interesting foods unlike most of his family. So anything I put on the table is fine, at least the first time.


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I had to call him to ask, because I honestly didn't remember! He said it was a NE style creamy fish chowder and up until that day he had no idea he like fish! I guess it made an impression ;-)


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My first meal for DH was a beautifully roasted stuffed chicken. But I kind of screwed up my mother's stuffing...she always fried the liver in some butter with parsley and grated onion. Why I thought she used the gizzard in the stuffing is a puzzle. I meticulously chopped the gizzard and fried it for a short time with the parsley and onion. Needless to say, my stuffing tasted like it had little ground marbles in it. My sweet sweet boyfriend kept eating it and telling me how great it was. I tasted the truth and took it off his plate. I still think of this every time I make stuffing and giblet gravy.

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Well, if I didn't love to cook and eat, I probably would not have ended up with the love of my life. We met online and went out on a pretty disasterous "interview date." I was sick with a bad cough and he was out of practice. He said he wanted to see me again but quite a bit of time went by without him asking me on a second date. We were corresponding my e-mail though. I finally got tired of waiting and had a bunch of stuff in the fridge I wanted to use up and I felt like cooking a nice meal, so I broke all the rules and invited him over for dinner al fresco. We've been inseperable ever since. He said he can't remember what I made, "he likes all my food." I am lucky in that he is definately not picky, I'm the "picky" one! (One person's "picky" is another person's "discernment!") I am also lucky that my dear BF is also a good cook and cooks for me. We have totally different styles but it's all good. I still joke to him that, "If I hadn't had to clean out the refrigerator we'd have never gotten together!"

The first meal I think was sweet and sour cabbage Italian style with pierogis, and some type of chopped vegetable salad and probably pita with hummus. Or maybe it was eggplant dip with the pita and some type of bean salad. I definately remember the sweet and sour cabbage dish because it was a new dish for me and wanting to try it out was the main reason I invited BF over. I also joke that the main reason I am in love with him is because he is a "good eater." I love cooking for someone, lol! And if they appreciate it, well then I'm hooked! :)

I had remembered him going on and on during our first date about how he liked to eat healthy and didn't eat a lot of sugar, so I scoured the Internet for a recipe for a "low fat, low sugar" pie. It was just OK, some kind of concoction with an oatmeal press-in crust and a cream cheese filling topped with apricots, which I had been soaking in booze to make apricot brandy. I didn't save the recipe, lol! I have since discovered that even though he raved and raved, BF doesn't like sweet and sour things. Also, he has a major sweet tooth, and actually likes regular old pies and cakes.

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Well I asked DH what the first dinner was that I cooked for him because I cannot remember. It was in the Fall of 1987. We will married 24 years on Sunday the 12th! Anyway he has a great memory and says it was chicken divan...back then I used the easy recipe that involved cream of chicken soup, mayonnaise and lemon juice and cheddar cheese for the sauce topping. I think there were some Durkee's french fried onions involved too! He ate it and never let on that he is not fond of chicken!!!! Anyway here we are almost 24 happy years later!!!

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We will be married 33 years this month, but together 39 years. The first real meal I made for Moe was a traditional roast chicken dinner including stuffing.


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For my last year in college, I moved into my own apartment. My boyfriend came over for dinner and I made my mom's spaghetti and meatballs. The meatballs and sauce were fabulous, but I didn't know you had to put the pasta into boiling water. So we had glue and meatballs! But he married me anyway - 42 years ago.

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This is a nice thread. :) I can't believe I don't remember the first dish I prepared for my long-time BF! I do remember that the first time he cooked for me he made a sauerbraten dinner. He's a good cook!

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I will NEVER forget the first meal my first wife ever
attempted to prepare. It involved pasta, and
she didn't know how to boil water.
The dog seems to like her, so I never got a second

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The first food item I ever made him was a rhubarb pie, which he helped roll out the crust. The first main course was vegetarian spinach lasagna. I think I won him over with that. He still loves it today, 35 years later.

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beachlily z9a

OMG, Annie, we are on the same page! We married in 1974, but I don't remember what that first dish was. I asked and I knew what he would say... ooh, tuna noodle casserole without tuna. He liked it and has held it over my head for .... how many years????? Told hubs that wasn't the first thing I fixed, just the first one he remembered.

Yep, still make tuna noodle and always, always remember to put tuna in it. How sad is that????

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lbpod, That is funny!!

Italian Roasted Lemon Rosemary Chicken w/Potatoes. But at the time I didn't know that I could cook Italian. My mom didn't share our heritage with us so I thought it was Southern food until we went to Italy. We walked in to a family style restaurant in Rome; the food was laid out on the buffet and the first thing Raymond saw was the Roasted Lemon Chicken. He said that's the first meal you made for me! When we got back to the US I told my mom and grandmother about the different things on the menu that were pretty much familiar to me. They verified, yes those are Italian dishes.

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Lbpod, you can't go wrong if the dog likes her!

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Lpink, you are right. And since then, the cats have
taken to her. There have been many dogs, and many
cats since that 'first meal', but I'm still hangin
in there, although my lip has been chewed so many times
that I have lost all feeling in it. In my book, anyone who loves animals as much as I do, is okay, even if they
can't cook. That's why I had to learn.

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I had no idea and asked DH if he could recall. He was at a loss, but I know that I cooked and he was happy. As I was a college student, it was probably cookies!

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