Excessive sweating & it's been 3 years since my hysterectomy

imwillowJune 25, 2008

I had a complete abdominal hysterctomy about 3 years ago. I have always been a heavy sweater but since then it's extremely bad. I can't do anything even slightly physical without sweating so bad I look like I just had a shower. Sweat gets in my eyes, I can't see where i'm going sometimes plus i weart glasses (I am very nearsighted) & it gets so bad that the sweat gets on my glasses & trying to see then is like trying to drive in the pouring rain with no windshield wipers. It interferes with alot of things I do. I don't take any kind of hormone replacements. I tried progesterone cream 1 time & had the worst "PMS" attack i've ever had the next day. I don't like taking pills & am trying to find something natural that will help me with this. I have even tried various herbal remedies with no success. It's really causing me alot of problems. And it's about to drive me nuts. Any help is appreciated on this


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You have just described me to a "T".
I have been to so many Dr's with regards to it.
The condition is called "hyperhydrosis".
The day after my hysterectomy I started to sweat till I was soaked and have been that way ever since. There is no quality of life whatsoever with this condition.
I take Estrogel (this is an Estrogen gel - 2 squirts each day from a pre-measured pump (rubbed into forearms or upper thighs) and I also take one prometrium each evening.
This does absolutely nothing to ease the sweating.
Surgeons will suggest having certain sweat glands removed - however it is not advised as the sweating will just move onto other sweat glands.
Have you had your thyroid checked?
The thyroid is the thermostat of your body - I do not have thyroid trouble.
I am scheduled to see an internist on July 8/08 - hoping he can help me.
My nephew's friend is a doctor in Oklahoma and he was saying that if a person is overweight (which I am), the fat blocks the heat from exiting the body - therefore sweat profusely.
It's a terrible condition, and everything you described is me, right down to the total hysterectomy 3 yrs ago. I am 49 yrs. old.
If I find anything out at my appt. on the 8th of July, I will post to let you know.


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