Over active Libido..

vicki_IndianaJune 28, 2001

I have heard of losing your sex drive during menapause, but has anyone had an over active sex drive since entering menapause?

It is driving me crazy because, it doesn't seem normal to me. I mean, I have "always had an okay sex life, but nothing like this.. I have been worried because my poor hubby can't even keep up with me... I was just wondering if I am strange, or what??

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LOL! are you talking about me? My dh wants to know why I changed! Talk about role reversal! now he's the one who gets the "headaches"
But, like you, I was wondering if this was a normal stage.

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Are you sure your blood work indicates that you are fully in menopause. I went thru the over active libido about 4 years ago. At that time I was perimenopausal. So yes I would consider that normal then. Now, I am definately postmenopausal and the libido died. LOL. Just started the natural progesterone cream a few days ago in hopes of sparking something. Will keep you abreast of how it is going.

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Can you tell me where you get the natural progesterone?

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You can get natural progesterone cream at just about any good health food store and also there are a variety sold over the internet. For example, some one just posted about Phytoproleif which is a natural progesterone cream. I have had good results with ProgestaCare, which I bought at a health food store. But I now use a prescription strength cream which I get from a compounding pharmacy. I believe that many ladies use and like a product called Progest.

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Yes, I am in full bloom. That is what is weird. I have not had a period for 3 years now. That is WHY I thought it was weird. My doctor doesn't even act like he knows what the heck menapause is. Lol. The man acts stupid. Sometimes I think they shouldn't let men become doctors when they have to treat women, I mean, what could they POSSIBLY know about menapause that doesn't come from a book? :-)

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Mo, I am so glad to hear that "someone" out there has this problem.. shhhhessh.. I was getting really worried about it. I can relate to the headache thing. My hubby should think he has died and went to heaven, but the poor man thinks he's gone to he$$ !! I feel so bad for him. I guess that is what reversal of roles is like. Now he knows how I felt before, and I know how HE felt! ha..ha..

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For the sake of accuracy, I want to say that Phytoprolief is not a simple progesterone cream. It contains phytoestrogens also. I know several women on the forum have found it to be wonderful, but it is not the same as progesterone cream.

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I'm in perimenopause, I wonder if that makes a difference? I Do hope this continues though. After so many years of low to no libido, I'm am enjoying this - most of the time anyway. And you are so right! now I know how DH felt when I had "headaches!"

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When i first went into perimeno in 97, i too had an overactive libido, my boyfriend (husband now) broke up with me because he thought i was a nympho. After a year went by, my libido went completely dead! He got back with me then...lol...now i have absolutely NO desire whatsoever for sex..and he is so frustrated and disappointed...matter of fact he says often, "cindy lets pray that God will restore your libido" hahahahahha

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Your comments explain something that happened to me in February. My libido has been low to non-existant for over 6 years. I have had perimenopausal symptoms for about 3 years. For a while I was having periods every 14 to 21 days and then I skipped a couple of months. Last January, I had some hormone level tests and my FSH and LH levels registered post-menopausal so I figured that I was over the hump and wouldn't be having any more cycles. I started using Progest-Care cream daily to help with the hot flashes. Because I was feeling so tired all the time I started taking St. John's Wort (3X daily), Ginko Biloba, multi-vitamins and licorice root. I took the licorice root both for its phytoestrogenic properties and because it tends to raise blood pressure. I have low blood pressure causing me to feel tired almost all the time. Perimenopause made my energy level even lower. About 30 days after starting this regime, I experienced a sudden and dramatic rise in libido!! It felt like circuits that had been shut off for years were suddenly back on again. In my whole life I had never experienced anything like it. It was like I was in heat. My husband was shocked because he didn't know what make of it. He accused me of being an alien in his wife's body. I thought it was the progesterone cream and maybe the herbs that made the difference. I was delighted because I thought I had found the cure. Unfortunately, this wonderful state lasted only 3 days. Then it was gone just as suddenly as it appeared. Two weeks later my periods started again.

In retrospect, I think what probably happened was that I had some kind of hormonal surge. Maybe my ovaries kicked in again or something. I only wish I had some hormone levels done during that 3 day period. I'd gladly take whatever was necessary to duplicate that feeling again. I've tried the same combination of herbs and vitamins, but to no avail. Whatever it was, it is gone and probably will never be back again. If your libido is at an all time high right now, you are very lucky.

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Anne's right about PhytoProlief but the company (Arbonne) also make Prolief which is progesterone cream without the phytoestrogens.

Good health

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Me too! Thanks goodness I am not the only one. When my periods stopped my libido picked up. When they started again it dropped off. I am sure it is related. Can't wait to see what my Dr. will have to say about all this. LOL Probably not much.

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That little episode of over-active libido I had, also took place when I had skipped a couple of periods. Unfortunately, my little episode only lasted for 3 days. Then my libido was gone again and 2 weeks later, my periods started up again. I didn't make the connection until you just mentioned it. Now I too wonder if the lack of periods and pick up in libido are related. If your doctor provides any insight, please pass it on.

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I can only say: LUCKY YOU!!! enjoy it.
I don't have any libido left...hoping one day it will be back.

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I am keeping a notebook for my Dr. and will let everyone know what he or she says. I am getting a new Dr. this year. They will probably think I am nuts as I have been keeping a daily record of all my changes in one of those little book calendars. This time when they ask what my symptoms are....I am ready!

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If I ever have one of those nympho attacks again I am going straight to the doctor to have my hormone levels determined. Then I am going to do whatever it takes to put them at and keep them at that level for good!!!

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I have been through menopause and am 55 years old. When I went through it, I lost ALL my sex drive and I had a good one before. It was really terrible. Just lately I have started taking a compounded HRT from a pharmacy over the internet. It contains natural estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. If you want your sex drive back, I believe it is the testosterone that did it. I had tried Premarin & Provera before with no results.

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Interesting topic. I am in menopause, 46 years...I have had some really hard times and I also suffer from a chronic hypothyroid deficiency.
Butttt, my libido was wonderful, absolutely magnificent, until my doc/gyno placed me on a very low dose of HRT. Now my libido is dead or almost but other aspects of my life has greatly improved...no more anxiety attacks, depression has subsided a bit...well you know the rest.
Thing is my HRT seemed to have required that I give up something to pay these dues.

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I had a hysterectomy in my 30's. Went for several years without homone replacement. My Libido was good - but after the hysterectomy I began having terrible mood swings. Finally, after 3 years the Doc gave me estrogen 1.25. I think the higher dosage worked better for me than the .625 I am now taking, which is because it is best to take a lower dosage than a higher one. Estrogen has done nothing to increase my libido. I have been on Estrogen for 13 Years. I wanted to go off it (was worried about health risks) but the Doc I have now said to keep taking it since it is such a low dosage and there are more benefits in taking it than not. I can say that I do feel better taking it - no hot flashes, sleep better at night, and my moods are more even. I have regular mammograms and have not cervix, so the risk of cancer is not real big - although who knows....
I have also taken Estratest (Estrogen/Testosterone). No change in my libido - only grew more hair above my lip. Of course I only took it for one month. I talked to my Doc about Libido. He said some it is a state of mind. I don't know about this, but I can tell you having a hysterectomy made my life a mess. The mood swings, the weight gain, lack of libido, skin dryness, bone aches, etc., etc. Since my husband had a vasectomy when he was 40, I never had to worry about pregnancy, so the hysterectomy was purley for endometriosis and fibroids. I can say that through all of this, if I could have avoided a hysterectomy, I would have - it may stop periods, but it is not good for the body. If it can be avoided, then it should be done. Estrogen was the culprit for my Endrometriosis and Fibroids. After giving birth to my daughter, for some reason the Estrogen in my body went wild and all kinds of things (like the fibroids - size of an orange) were growing, which I understand feed off of estrogen. It's a funny thing - I was making too much estrogen which caused havoc in my body, now I need to have it or I don't feel complete. Anyways, if anyone has an answer on this Libido thing, I'd like to know about it. Thank God my husband is a very understanding man - and patient.

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Am wondering what type of Hrt you use and how long you havev been on it.


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Hi Deborah,
I am taking a 2-phase medication. The first phase of 11 tablets contains: 1mg Estradiolvalerat, 2mg Estriol.
The second phase of 10 tablets contains: 1mg Estradiolvalerat, 2mg Estriol, 0,25mg Levonorgestrel.
After which there is a 7day pill pause which brings on my period.

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Oh, I forgot to add that I am now on my 4th packet. So I have only been taking it 3mths now. Started the 4th packet this morning.

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I envy you women with those over active libidos ! Mine disappeared about three years ago,or more and even though I've been using natural progesterone for three years it has never returned.
Incidentally, someone mentioned ProGest. I went on that for a while and found my menopausal symptoms returned. Then I found this quote: Many "popular creams" sold today contain little or no Progesterone USP. Notice the following quote from The Lancet Medical Journal, Vol 351, No 9111:

'Each 2 oz (57g) pot of ProGest cream contains 200mg of progesterone...."

This assay was done on tubes of ProGest cream purchased by mail over a period of 5 months ! '

So after reading that I changed to Serenity, which is also a cream recommended by Dr. John Lee. That has been much better, and also has a use-by date on it. I was always suspicious when I received my ProGest mail order from the USA - it never had a use-by date on it, and as I live in New Zealand I felt I might have been being fobbed off with old stock.

Serenity hasn't brought my libido back though, although it deals with my tendency to dizziness, poor concentration, hot flushes, depression, etc. etc. Boy, I got the lot !

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For your info, I have used femHRT since March 2001......Since June, I began taking it every other night. I have not noticed a decrease/increase in libido....so far, my libido is still healthy and intact.


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Just a theory....I too experienced this for about a month while I was very perimenopausal

I wonder if there is a relationship between the elevated folical stimulating function on the ovaries and the sensation of increased sex desire. I noticed that when I was feeling a lot of ovary sensation that it was frequently consistent with my other feelings.

Like I said....jsut a theory

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Hi Robin,
It would seem to me that those of you who are still ovulating or at least have a monthly increase in the hormones that stimulate ovulation would have an increase in desire during those times. It's only natural, our body's way to try and get pregnant. I remember having much more desire mid-cycle during my menstrual days... But, it's been awhile. Wish I had an overactive libido!

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I am also in perimenopause and went through 2 brief periods of increased libido. Both came after I had skipped one or more periods and both came during ovulation time. They only lasted about 3 days. I know the medical world is pushing this testosterone thing, but testosterone didn't work for me and I think there is a lot more to the story.

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Hi everyone,

I'm glad I'm not alone in this over active libido thing. I swear it is going to drive me insane, it makes me want to reach in and grab those ovaries and pull em out. The doctor says if I have the ovaries removed I won't feel this way. See, I was forced into menapause because I had to have Chemo last year. I now take medicine which reduces estrogen in my body. I'm 43, so it's a little early to be in menapause. I can't wait till these symptoms go away because they can last for hours, days, and sometimes weeks!

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I lost all drive when I was 50 and menopause was beginning. Had all the usual symtpoms: hot flashes, memory issues, moods, dry as a bone, no libido, periods becoming sporatic. The hot flashes drove me to seeking treatment. I went on bio-identical hormones troche form. It took about a year to get the dose adjusted to ease the hot flashes and moods. Est, progest, test. Things got better except for the libido. I'm about to turn 54 now.

Well, 3 weeks ago, I started weight training and fairly intense cardio -45 mins aday. Almost immediately, I am thinking about sex all the time and ready to do it at the drop of a hat. My husband is in heaven. Things are hotter than they've ever been!! I am wondering if I am getting too much testosterone. Would hate to grow a beard! It's just so dramatic. I guess I should get my levels checked. One theory that I am considering is that the intense exercise is releasing seratonin and endorphins and making me to absorb the bio-identical hormones better. That's just my theory. The increased libido occured immediately when the muscle building and cardio workouts began, so I feel sure there is a link, but I'm not knowledgeable about such things.

Ladies, give it a try. It's absolutely electrifying. Less fat, more muscle, and lots of sex is the fountain of youth!

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I am 44 and experiencing changes in my menstrual cycle but nothing too dramatic yet. I am however very active and very fit. My sex drive was close to nothing for the most part of my life but over the last ten years it has been on a steady rise. Now at 44 I am enjoying a wonderful and active sex life with a some what younger man for the past 4 years. Unfortunately, the emotional side to an intense and active sex life is daunting at times. I am not sure if these feelings maybe related to a perimenapausal condition/hormone imbalance? I really enjoy everything about my current life and sex life accept the emotional side effects of having a big libido.

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I am so glad to hear I am not the only one! I am definitely post menopasual, hormone levels were tested 9 years ago, and until this past January, didn't bother me at all, little to complain about. But now, all I can do is think about getting laid, the problem is, I divorced several years ago and really am not seeing anyone; but still have this urge which grabs me without any notice or outside stimulation. I really should have bought stock in duracell.... LOL.

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I am 43 and haven't had my hormone levels checked and maybe I should, but for the past week my libido has been in serious overdrive! My husband doesn't know what to think! He will probably have to get something to help him keep up with me if this continues! Whatever the cause, I just hope it sticks around because I am loving it! :)

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I am 28 years old and had my tubes tied about 10 years ago. I feel that I may be going through early menopause. However, my libido is going crazy! I think about sex all day, every day. I also dream about it. Here is my problem, my husbands libido is nearly nil. What can I do to either get him to have sex with me more, or find a way so I don't think about sex all the time. It kills me. I try to do things to remedy the horniness I feel all the time, but to no avail. What can I do to fix this?? Please Help!

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I am so happy to know I am not by myself in this. It started in June 2014 for me. I cannot get enough or stop thinking about sex. I could go all day if my husband is gain. He loves it. Talking about orgasims sometimes 3 to 5. I'll will be 63 on my birthday. To be truthful I glad about but was scared because the women I know hasn't experienced what I'm going through. I feel bad for them but the same time I'm loving it. I read where it may go away. My doctor told me to enjoy the moment. And I am we watch Adult movies and invested into Adult toys again loving it.

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ihick3 ... you lucky girl! i was like that in my 40s during perimenopause, but when the final phase hit when i was, my libido started waning, and now at 58, i've basically had no libido for a few years now. I can achieve orgasm but it just feels like a muscular exercise ... just not the same.

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