Periods 2 weeks apart

marie26June 7, 2007

I am 56 and in the past few months I went for 2 MRI's and an ultrasound and I had a biopsy. The only things found were a thin lining and some small fibroids. The doctor wasn't concerned and said to come back in a year for my regular checkup.

I've been pretty regular but for the past 6 weeks, I've had a period every 15 days. I'm now on my 3rd period. The first one lasted only 2 days but was painful and heavy. The second one lasted 6 days like a regular period and now this one is going on 3 days.

Should I be concerned?

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it's the fibroids most likely...but yes, i'd follow up with a visit.

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I have been having the same problems and it is affecting my life and work and I am only 45 years of age. am going to call my gynecologist for another appointment this monday. I have always has bad period but at least they were for 1 week and then three weeks no period. I can't stand it since it feels like every other week I have my period. I cam going to post my own post to see if anyone has any information on the new birth control pill that I may want to try to eliminate my period until I am in Menopause since this Perimenopause is messing up my life.

I am so sorry to hear you are going through this also. I think it is a combination of the fibroids and the change in life. You will probably be in Menopause within the next few years.

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