Anyone take Seasonale?

sharon620June 5, 2008

I have been taking seasonale for 2 months now when darn I missed a pill. I started bleeding.. not spotting but just bleeding a little. Well after 2 weeks I am bleeding heavy now. I continued to take these pills but tomorrow I am just going to go off of them and start my regular birth control on Sunday.

My other problem is my back. It is killing me. I do have herniated discs where it hurts but hurts when I sit, bend and move. It is like someone is pinching me very hard. Is this aggravated because of my menses?

So disgusted!


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What did your doctor say about it? I don't understand what you mean by "your regular birth control". Diaphram? IUD? Condom? If you miss taking one of your contraceptive pills you are suppose to start using a back-up form of birth control right away and continue to do so for at least one month while continuing with the rest of the pills on the regular schedule. You really should have called your doctor right away for advice when you missed the pill. There is a possibility that you became pregnant and are experiencing a miscarriage. Or you may have just thrown your system out of whack and need to be prescribed a different combination birth control pill.

The answer to your other question is "Yes". Uterine contractions during your menstrual period can aggavate existing problems in the spine. Bring this up to your doctor when you call him/her tomorrow and see if there is anything that can be done to relieve the pain or if it is severe enough, get a referal to an ostoepath.

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