urge to urinate

shotzy52May 3, 2008

Hi all, havent posted in a while. Things have been pretty quite at my house. But 2 weeks ago I thought I was have a UTI, but both urine test and urine culture came back negative. It is mainly when I wake in the morning and doesnt bother me the rest of the day, until I sit back down in the late evening. THe dr. gave me Diflucan to take thinking it may be yeast, but those hurt my stomach so much I didnt take it. So yes, I have increased by water thinking I was just dehydrated and needed water, but that doesnt help any. What do you guys think, just another post menopause symptom?

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Oh and also, I got a small chihuahua puppy the middle of March, that I am crating for potty training, I am having to bend down alot to pick her up. I was thinking that nerve L4 L5 in the low back could be making me feel like going all the time as well. What is your opinion?

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I had a similar problem. Went to a urologist because of the urge to urinate and no bladder infection. I had a build up of cysts in my bladder. Condition is called IC, interstitial cystitis. Doctor did a simple, painless, in-office procedure that helped. That was five years ago and I haven't had any trouble since. Also, cranberry juice and other foods make it worse.

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