burning legs and feet

kim2972May 28, 2008

Hi, I've been experiencing burning legs and soles of the feet for the past couple of months...My doctor put me on Lyrica, but the dizziness was too bad to continue...They've ruled out any nerve damage...The pain can come and go very quickly, but usually stays around most of the day...Last night it was difficult to get to sleep...I have annual sugar testing and it always comes back OK...Any suggestions other than B12 treatment? Thanks for any information you can give...

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hi kim. i am having the exact same thing happening to me on my right side. my thigh also burns too. its quite annoying especially when you are working or trying to settle down to sleep. no doctor has confirmed peri for me, but i really believe this is what is going on with me. i also have mild warmth in my upper body which is i assume a hot flash. i have had blood work done, and sugar levels are ok, i am however anemic. and my periods are coming fast and very heavy. i hope we can both find out what's going on with us in this century so that we can know how to cope with it.
take care.

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You might have allodynia, which I was diagnosed with a few months ago. The back of my leg leg from the mid thigh to the left buttocks burns all the time, as if I have a bad sunburn. It sometimes can begin as an after effect following some kind of trauma to the body. I had been trying to prune a hanging branch from a tree and was exerting a lot of force with the clippers to cut the branch, with my arms fully extended above my head.

Shortly afterward, my legs began to feel really heavy and I could hardly pick up my feet. I went to the hospital because the really heavy legs feeling made me wonder if I was having a minor stroke. They asked me exactly what I had been doing, and I was told that the leg heaviness was a symptom of injury of some muscle strain within my lower back, although my back didn't have any symptoms at all.

The next day, the back of both my legs began to burn, from my buttocks all the way down to my heels. My right leg spontaneously returned to normal within a day or so. The back of my left leg started returning to normal from the heel upwards, but when it reached my mid thigh, it stopped. Ever since then (8 months ago) I still have a stinging/burning sensation on the back of my left leg from mid thigh to the left buttocks.

My doctor said that since it still hasn't gone away in 8 months, I might have it for life. The burning sensation isn't painful enough to affect my lifestyle, but it is very uncomfortable and I've just had to learn to try to ignore it. I hope it that's what you have, that if completley clears up for you.

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Kim, I've had the same thing, but more severe. Try Black Cohosh "Remifemine", "Good Night" formula. It really helps me. :) Arum Make sure it's the "Good Night" formula

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Hi. Thigh burning in upper parts too.. Any Ideas what to take

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Same here, had surgery on my knees last year and since then nothing but burning from my knees all the way to my feet. Gets worse at night. I have been tested for diabeties and the doctor did nerve conduction test which all came out negetative. Going to try the fish oil and B complex. Anyone who can help, please advise.

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