Freezing Homemade Cheese

LauraBell123August 16, 2013

I'm wanting to make Soft and Hard Homemade Cheese, Cracker's, Bread's and Hard Candy for Christmas gifts. I'm new at making cheese and don't know if it will freeze well enough to give as a gift; same thing about bread. Candy, I'm not worried about. Don't know how to time the cheese/breads. Can you advise, Thanks! LB

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I know that the mozzarella I get from a local cheesemaker freezes well.

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I freeze homemade mozzarella, but find I like it best if I shred it first. You might want to look at FAQ found at web sites that sell cheese-making supplies for home use for hints and tips for freezing homemade cheese. -Grainlady

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The two things so grand fresh are mozzarella and warm bread. Both freeze ok for cooking and toasting when thawed. Fetta has good shelf life in herbs and olive oil and very pretty. I made flatbread crackers a few years ago for gifting. A few varieties using herbs, cheeses, pink sea salts. Different seeds, chia etc. Very festive looking.

I stumbled upon a cheese forum a while back looking at fetta recipes and molding.
(can't find the link) but they would know with a google search.

A spreadable cheese like a goat/chevre will freeze ok. Not for gifts but to take to parties i lined a martini glass with saran, then some olive oil, then a paper thin slice of provalone. The olive oil makes it almost transparent. Any sprigs of herb, leaves, thin slices of olives, black sesame seeds will show through giving hint to the flavors inside...then pack the glass or cute shaped teacup with soft cheese mixture. Pesto, nuts, etc.
Very cute little cone shapes. Might freeze just fine but i would test it first.
I think of homemade food gifts not needing to be large. Just pretty and thoughtful. Thinking of trying fetta myself since it needs some weeks to set i could make it around thanksgiving for the christmas gifting.

Here is a link that might be useful: freezing chevre

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Thanks for all the tips, going to the freezing chevre link . I'll go to the FAQ page more often to check them out as well. Thanks Again!

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