Wyeth Labs trying to banish natural therapy

carla17May 9, 2006

I don't know if any of you realize this but Wyeth must be missing some money. They are after the government to do away with natural hormone creams. My compounding pharmacy made me aware of it and if some of you are interested I can post a link where you can read about it and send some e-mails. I received a letter today from my senator. I have strong feelings about this issue and think it is totally wrong to tell someone what they can or cannot use on their bodies or in their bodies.

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Well, as soon as big business Bush is gone, and I don't mean to be political, but he has been pro-drug companies, I hope the next prez will shoot them down. That's silly... course, they've been giving women trouble for years. It's hard to believe they'd get anywhere with it. No one dies from it.... so what's their leverage?

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