Dang. Those heart flip flops are back.

catherinetMay 4, 2007

Hi all,

I had my last period 3 years ago. But I still get intermittant ovary pain. I thought I finally was over having all those irregular heartbeats.......but now they're back and worse than ever. I was taking magnesium for them, but started having even worse diarrhea and stomach cramps, so I stopped it. It seems to happen right after I eat. I've had 2 stress echos in the past 6 years and they were normal. This is getting old. (and so am I...hahaha)

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Answering my own post so it will fade away.........

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Last time I was up in the middle of the night...6 months ago....I was having those "flounder floppings" in my chest. I had all of the medical tests, cardiologist, monitor, etc. I was on the computer for hours that night and found a posting about aloe vera helping the "flip flops" in the heart. I started taking one capsule a day and haven't had a problem since! I also take the calcium/magnesium combination. I hope it can work for you, because it's no fun at all.

Now if I could just cope with all the other stuff. Joint pain and hot skin. The problem is, you don't know if it's a health problem or menopause symptom. I've read about joint pain and skin burning being related to change of life, but here I am...up at night going crazy!

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Thank you for your post w2b, I too have joint pain. Mine gets worse with eating refined sugar. My motherinlaw told me that long ago (of course I thought she was nuts). But it does go away when I get off of it. But so does some of my weight, and then my exercise comes back, then my attitude gets better. Come on....it cant be all that easy. Joint pain and sugar think I will google that. Good luck and thanks again for the post,

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Thanks! I might give Aloe a try.

I've just gone 2 weeks without ANY ectopy. I thought it was because I gave up that 1 coke a day. But today, its starting up again. Makes me think it has something to do with my cycle ........even though I haven't had periods for 3 years. I'm going to keep track. I'll bet I'll have ectopy again for 2 weeks, then none for 2 weeks. It just has to be related to hormone fluctuations.......periods or no periods.
I have noticed that my joint pain is better off the caffeine too. Sugar definitely makes it worse.......which is really, really sad. hahaha

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Catherine, some folks with mitral valve prolapse (MVP) have very similar symptoms as what you describe, even the IBS. I'm just learning about this myself, as I was recently diagnosed by echocardiogram. However, some cases of mitral valve prolapse aren't detected by echocardiogram, but there are other tests that can confirm it. I've had a cluster of symptoms that apparently are not caused by the prolapse, but it's being discovered that many people who have mitral valve prolapse also have a systemic imbalance that can cause a variety of symptoms, such as palpitations, anxiety, panic attacks, IBS and many others. They don't know why people who have mitral valve prolapse sometimes have a systemic imbalance (also called dystautonomia), as there is limited research. If you google on mitral valve prolapse/dysautonomia, you will get a couple of medical centers and support groups that have more info on this. I have yet to get a medical confirmation on the dysautonomia, but I'm almost certain the results will be positive when I do. I was greatly relieved to find that palpitations can cause anxiety, versus the other way around. I tried to tell my doctor about this and I'm still not sure she gets it. It's not that I'm afraid of the palpitations or even that I'm thinking about anything negative or anxiety provoking, it's that I'll get some palpitations, and then my body is off and running in high gear. Makes it really tough to go to sleep (my palpitations occur mostly near bedtime). I read that perimenopause and menopause can often increase these symptoms. The changes you have made in diet are actually what is suggested for those with MVP/dysautonomia. Certain medications, such as antihistimines and pseudephed/ephedra will worsten symptoms as well. My dentist once used a form of novacaine that had an adrenaline-like substance in it, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I avoid certain nasal steroids, too, as they can trigger palps. In general, I try and stay away from all allergy and cold meds, prescription or OTC.

Perhaps none of this info is pertinent to your situation, but I'm just throwing it out there. I hope it doesn't sound like gibberish, as I'm not a medical person, just someone who has been trying to do some research to better understand my health. Good luck to you. I know these irregular heartbeats can be really unsettling.


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I have MVP too. Have experienced the panic attacks, anxiety, etc. Zoloft took care of a lot of that. You can ask the dentist to leave out the "stuff that makes your heart beat fast." I think it's epinephrine. It makes the novocaine not as long-lasting, but it's worth it. That's another thing...am I going to have a mouthful of crowns now? What is this? Planned obsolesence? I may have some questions about God's plan here!

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Hi Tina,
Its funny that you bring this up, because I have always thought I had the symptoms of MVP and the syndrome of symptoms that seems to go with it. I've had several echos and get my heart listened to alot, and there's just no sign of MVP. But I definitely seem to fit the picture of it! Especially since perimenopause, I feel like my sympathetic nervous system is on overdrive, and I can't seem to slow it down. I was on a beta blocker for 5 years, and in many respects, it was wonderful, but I came off it last December because it made me totally dumb, hungry all the time, and I had no motivation whatsoever. But I sure miss its calming affects.
There's no way I can take those drugs either that you mentioned. And what's weird is several times, when I was at my worst during perimenopause, I had a panic attack when I was injected with novacaine at the dentists! In fact.....a similar thing would happen when I would have my eyes dilated at the opthamologists. I'm just so incredibly sensitive to those kinds of drugs.
Thanks for bringing this up Tina. I'm convinced that I have something going on, but after years of going to doctors and having tests and nothing is ever wrong.......I've sort of given up on ever feeling much better. Some weeks are good for me and some are bad.
Right now I'm trying to figure out why I'm nauseous and dizzy all the time! There's always something! Thanks again.

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I think I have an alter-ego out there! You sound just like me! Tylenol PM keeps me up all night. Herbal tea does the same. Oh....and cholesterol? Out the wazoo and I can't take the drugs...all of them cause bad symptoms. I can be thankful that high cholesterol is genetic in my family and we all live into our 90's, but I don't want to do that if it feels like this from here on. Back to your post...nausea...almost like being pregnant. Dizzy too. I was at a get-together last week where all the women were my age. Their joints hurt and they feel like doodoo too. I said, "I don't mean to be crass, but I'm so glad the rest of you hurt too." It just made me feel normal. This may be a time when women just need to hear, "Me too!" Sure makes ME feel better.

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This really stinks, doesn't it want2bnormal!! Your user name is something I say to myself every day!
I haven't had a period for 3 years. I'm 57 years old, and I swear my hormones are still going nuts.
I have been severely nauseous and dizzy after I started using a CPAP machine and then had a colonoscopy. I've been thinking it was either one or the other causing problems, but yesterday, my heart didn't have ANY ectopy for 2 hole weeks, but started up again yesterday and today. And now, today, I'm having a migraine with aura......which means it HAS to be my hormones!!
I guess its time to see my OB/GYN again. I thought life was supposed to calm down after menopause started. Wrong.
I've made an appointment with my Internist too. But the last time I went to see him and I told him about my occasional ovary pain, he said "You shouldn't be having any pain. You're in menopause". hahaha Boy....he doesn't get it.
I know what you mean about feeling comfort to know you're not alone. About the only thing I remember from one of my psyche courses in college, almost 40 years ago, was the professor's comment that "misery loves miserable company". hahaha how true! So.........I'm here for you....feeling horrible right along with you! :)

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I'm laughing. Thanks. I think there is a great lack of knowledge about women and this stage of life.

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I find it amazing that some women breeze through it, and some women are absolutely tormented by it. I wonder if it has something to do with blood types, or what?
Do you ever remember that short-lived comedy show called "Dinosaurs"? I remember one episode about the hurling pit. Its where you're supposed to go when you're old and useless and you're supposed to jump in.
Sometimes I think we are really supposed to hang it up, once we can't reproduce anymore. Everything falls apart then.
So let me know if you find any hurling pits. :)

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I was wondering where want2bnormal found the information on the Aloe Vera? Is it still working for you? Is there any more information on dosage, etc.? These heart flip flops are frightening to say the least and they seem to have just started within the last 5 months on and off! I'm thinking they are just another 'feature' of this change in life as they seem to correspond with hormonal changes. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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My heart does flip flops when I lay down at night. I googled heart flip flops and low and behold I'm not alone.
I'm not crazy and the doctors are all wrong.
I'm 50yrs. Menopausal. No period for nearly 2 years.
Aching joints on and off, worse in the morning. Sometimes so bad just rolling over in bed is agony.
I get ovulation pains and my friend says "Your probably just constipated." Last month my breasts were swollen.
I go hyper from dentist injection. Last month I stopped coffee and tea and I have had a big improvement. This week i started having 1 cup of green tea in the morning but three days ago I had an extre cup of black tea and that night my heart was flip flopping again. My joints are sore also and my heart rate is up. I feel like I have to walk or exercise to use up the fast heart rate. If I rest I feel worse.
My doctor did thyroid function test 6 months ago and found I'm Hyperthyroid. After several months and several tests it seems my symptoms are worse when my T3 levels are high.
But I can't have treatment because it keeps returning to normal?????????????? So is Menopause causing it and the thyroid just over working to try to balance the system.
I find I am very sensitive to side effects of medication, caffiene, alcohol.
Basically Thanks everyone for posting your information because now I wont worry so much every night when my heart is doing flip flops. I have almost called an ambulance a couple of times through fear.

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Hi everyone, I'm 49 yrs old....(turning 50 in january) and i believe I am in peri-manopause and probably have been since I was in my early 40's cuz thats when I started feeling all funky. I remember in my 20's having an occasional heart palpitation and once in a while it would be a long one and unnverve me a little...but it was never an issue...i always forgot about it until the next one maybe a month or two later....BUT..after a I turned 40 one day I started to have alot of them...THEN one day I was having TONS of them and it threw me into a full blown anxiety/panic attack cuz I actually thot I was dying and having some kind of a heart attack...so my husband rushed me to the ER and I was put on all the equipment...heart was normal...showed some PVCs which according to the Dr. was normal....then sent home. Well....from then on for about 2 years I struggled with them...had good days then a week or 2 of bad days...up and down, up and down...felt depressed and anxious and I just knew something horrible was wrong with my heart...I have 4 kids and it depressed me to no end just to think I might not be around for them.. Anyway, I really started to educate myself on these horrid things..I found out that I wasn't the only one feeling them and that in itself was so comforting. I also found out that they wouldn't kill me which totally comforted me. But I never associated them with menopause. Finally after a few years I was 45 and they went away...not completely but for the most part...i still had little ones but nothing like before...nothing I couldn't handle without having an anxiety attack over..Now I'm 49 almost 50 and a few days ago..they returned. BUT...I have to say..I can handle it now..I know what they are and I know why I have them and I know what to do...I'm not saying that they are not disconcerting or they don't bother me because they definately do but they don't scare me anymore. I also have to say I did try the cal/mag combo when I first got them years ago and it did help. So guess what....I just ordered some and I'm also going to try the Aloe Vera Gel tabs. Just remember every...THESE WILL NOT KILL YOU!! It's your hormones and they're crazy! I hate that we are the elite group that gets to go through this but just try not to panic...talk yourself down...keep telling yourself that your not going to die. Hope everyone has a great day!!

P.S. I havent had any today..just tiny ones but I'm not going to let the thought of having them again get me down. and you shouldn't either.

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I just wanted to thank everyone here for being so helpful and sharing your stories about perimenopause. I used to be so full of energy, happy, positive -- all that began to change once perimenopause kicked in, which for me was around 47. The first sign was when I had a period just two weeks after my last one. My period became erratic after that. But the crap really hit the fan when I turned 50. I had always told myself that I would never act/feel frumpy/unhappy like a lot of women I had seen who were in their 50's. Well that's because I didn't know how very difficult perimenopause could be, and no one gave me a heads up about what can happen. I think many women go on hormones and thus do not suffer from much of this. But my doctor made it clear that she did not think they were a good idea. There have been days, though, where I've thought, enough is enough, I'm going to take them. I've experienced almost every symptom that's been discussed on this forum. I've had some truly awful panic attacks, which for me begin with a sensation of vertigo and feeling like I might pass out. My doctor gave me xanax for this, and I take a half or whole pill when the symptoms start. Since I now recognize what's happening, I know it will pass. The panic attacks usually occur when I'm out somewhere -- in a mall, grocery store, etc. Stress does play a big role in all of this, but it's made far worse my the fluctuating hormones. Regarding heart palpitations, I, too, have had them throughout my life, and wore "halters" from time to time to look for rhythm disturbances, etc. Of course nothing was found because magically when I wore the halter I must not have had any palpitations. Fast forward to a few months ago -- one day out of the blue my heart started flip flopping such that I had to sit down. After a minute or two it passed, but it got my attention. My doctor did an EKG which of course found nothing because again, at that moment, I was not having them. My doctor prescribed a low dose of Lexapro to address underlying anxiety. I have the pills but have chosen not take them right now. I've been taking Wellbutrin for the past twelve years to help with depression and it's done a pretty good job. I get them a couple times a day. I will say that since I cut out caffiene (including my beloved chocolate), the palpitations have decreased a little -- but I still have them. On the advice of several friends, I started taking CoQ10, which my doctor said was "unnecessary." I'm taking it anyway in the hope it might somehow help. Sometimes the palpitations start at night when I'm laying on my side in bed. But they can appear anytime during the day, whether I'm dealing with something stressful or not. I"m also trying to eat healthier and drop some weight, knowing that can only help in terms of feeling better. I'm tired of feeling like a sick, old person!! No one in my family understands so I don't talk about what I'm going through. I often pray and ask God to heal me from these symptoms. Sometimes my muscles/joints are so sore it's an effort for me to turn over in bed. I do not sit around all the time, I have three teens and tend to my family's needs, and I am involved in other things as well. My oldest is going to college this Fall, and I can see a time in the near future when I will have to get a job. Given how difficult some days are for me, I dread this thought. As many of the ladies here have said, "I want the old me back!!" And I wonder if that will ever happen. I truly hope so. Back to the heart palpitations, maybe I will try the calcium/magnesium supplements. I think I read somewhere that one should only take these for a certain amount of time. Thank you again to all who come here and honestly tell what's going on. I am very grateful for all the stories, advice, information and support I see here. Hoping and praying we can all move past this phase and get back our peace of mind, good health and happiness!

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I googled mitral valve prolapse/dysautonomia because I never heard of it and was curious and the symptoms match what I've been struggling with for many years. Perimenopause has made it worse but I've had bouts for decades. Been to many doctors, told it was all in my head of course. I have never been diagnosed with MVP, had a normal echo a couple years ago when I was having severe palpitations but the symptoms really fit me. Panic in the middle of the night with IBS, chest pain, stomach gas, shortness of breath and palpitations. I have always felt the physical pain came before the anxiety....

thank you very much. I will be doing some reading....

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I am so happy to have read this. I was aware about palpitations/flip flops and menopause but I have been unnerved by them (in the past and currently). None of my friends have completely gone through menopause yet and they are just beginning to hit the tip of the iceberg of symptoms - poor things.

I know that this is an old thread, but I am still just so grateful to everyone here for sharing their experiences. My husband is understanding, but must think I am nutty sometimes. It honestly feels like someone else has taken over my body at times. I used to know it so well and now it's anyone's guess.

Anyway, ladies, thanks again for sharing. It really does help to know that I am not alone with my predictable and intermittent myriad of menopausal symptoms. May we all feel like our old selves one day again soon.

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This is an old thread that has been recently revived. I have a prolapse valve - always have had - am almost 64. The worst of it was I had several tests over the years - the monitor etc. and then finally was sent for a new test at a special clinic - bingo. Diagnosed. That very night I was reading the newspaper (now long out of business) and the weekly Ask the Doctor column dealt with this very issue and how so many women (a few men) but mostly women have it. Most people do not need medication for it - I don't - some feel they need to take something thinking that it is an unusual ailment. It isn't - it is just a pain in the butt. The only thing is of course is that it is necessary to take 3,000 units of Penicillin (or other strong antibiotic if allergic to Penicillin) before and after surgery or dental surgery that will involve blood. Basically the heart valve slams shut a little harder occasionally than is usual. If you are in surgery and a bit of blood pops out when the valve slams shut you could get blood poisoning of a sort. Other than that the heart valve operates normally, except when it decides to slam shut at 4:00 a.m. At 64 I am through menopause and it is no better or worse than it has ever been. I do not take anti-depressants etc. I was/am taking HRT - have for 6 years. In Canada you have to take Progesterone and Estrogel - I understand in the U.S. you can just take Progesterone. I asked my gyno about this just last week and she said that Cdn. authorities have found that you need both for it to really work. I have naturally very dry skin - can't use acids/retinols etc. - and I did not have any health reasons not to take it - but after 6 years they want you to wean yourself off of it. So now instead of one 100 mg Prometrium pill and one shot of Estrogel a day - I am taking the doses very second day. In 2 months I will switch to every 3rd day - and see how it goes. I am looking in the mirror for signs of major again daily! I can definitely feel more dryness in my skin - of course it is winter and the heat is blasting, but my skin has always been seriously dry and I can "feel" the difference. Just wait until I switch to every 3rd day - and then off of it for good. I can't eat the estrogen rich foods - and am allergic to many of the supplements sold in the health food stores - heck I am allergic to nearly everything. The funny thing is I can take Penicillin and HRT - no one saw that coming. I can't even take a cough drop.

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