maryjo24May 22, 2006

Hi Ladies! Hope you all had a happy "meno" day! :) Just long does it take for an over the counter progesterone cream to work? Ok, I know everyone is different but approximately how long does it take? It's probably mind over matter, but I had the most stressful, aggravating, crappy day but I handled it so well & it's only been day 2 of using MenoCream (bought at Walgreens) & I only appled it once both days. I am 49 years old & haven't had a period in 7 months.

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Yeah, I use like a quarter of what they say... it took about a week for me... about 5 to 7 days.... If you start eating like a pig, you might want to cut back a bit, progesterone is also used to enhance appetite... but at the rate I use it, it has no affect.

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I've been using MenoCream for 17 days. I notice no real difference in myself. I'm still pissed off at the world & I could eat everything in sight after 8pm. I am only using it once a day. I take PaxilCR for anxiety, so my anxiety is at a minimum. I truly believe there isn't a person I know that would want to be around me when I'm pissy. Any advice?

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