Menopause test

want2bnormalMay 31, 2007

I want to know where you get the test to find out your hormone levels. Moved from the big city to a beautiful little hamlet where the air is fresh and the doctors are different. My gyno said the tests are not reliable, and that I still have estrogen because I still have regular periods at age 54. Okay, I'm old and still going, but today I snapped at my wonderful husband, and I cried through supper. It is day 12 of my 30-day cycle. What I can assume is that I have hit bottom on the estrogen tank today. I hear people talking about their estrogen/testosterone/progesterone levels. Where do they get these levels checked?

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Well, what little I know is that you cant reliably test for hormones, cuz they flucuate from minute to minute. Now the naturalist people say you can do it thru the salvia. The test I have seen, test the saliva 3 times a day. I swear sometimes i think it is like finding the little green men. The people that want to believe, believe. I am for finding the answers. I think the way to do it would be to have 2 different labs run those test. Labs that werent paid for my the people that want to sell herbal remedies. I dont know who they are?

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Well, my internist did a blood test for the hormone levels. Wonder how accurate that was!

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My friend had a blood test and it was very helpful, as it showed to her doctor that she was in full blown menopause. She is now on HRT and doing very well.

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My doctor did the blood test for hormone levels and everything is normal, but because of mood swings and joint pain, plus some hot flashes, I tried some Estroven for a week. Haven't had any crying, but boy are my breasts sore! Wonder if it can be harmful to take Estroven if your hormone levels are "normal." Anybody know?

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