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lostnjMay 21, 2010

I am 49 and started menopause 6 years ago with my first panic attack. After that I began having head rushes and head pressure on a regular basis. Went to the doctor and started with all the tests - cardiograms, blood work, brain scans etc. Started HRT 18 months ago - got relief from night sweats and flashes but the head rushes and pressure along with panic attacks and anxiety have continued and worsened. I've tried anti-depressants which managed to add 20 lbs and increased anxiety. Went off those meds and currently taking porpranolol and xanax along with HRT. Besides the above every day I feel disconnected, off balance and completely strange. I've been to so many doctors and can't get any relief. If anyone reads this that has had a similar experience and has gotten help or relief please respond and let me know what there is I can do. I'm at the end of my rope. Thank you

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Three weeks ago I was stuck in bed, sent myself to the hospital only to find I was having a panic attack. It didn't go away so the following Monday (this happened on Saturday) I went to my GP. He gave me Xanax and paxil and sent me on my way. 4 days on the paxil I didnt know what day it was,so I called my GP and he told me to stop the paxil and to start on zoloft. That was when I called my gyno(this is a pretty common thing before menopause). I also talked with my sister who is 4 years older than me and she told me she has been on welbutrin for 6 years now and it has helped her a great deal. So I thought whats good for her is good for me. I told the doc and he gave me welbutrin. I started it on Friday and could feel the side effects. I couldnt eat at all, I was so nervous, and didnt sleep that night. With my sisters encouragement I took the pill the next day. That only made things worse. Sunday I did not take it. Had to take a half a zanax because I was so nervous. Today had panic attack took half a zanax and called the gyno. Waiting for a phone call back. This has been going on for three weeks now. I have no solution except that i might try zoloft in a very small dose. I have been off from work for 3 weeks and can hardly do anything around the house. I feel your pain and just wanted to write to say you are not alone.

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hello to lostnj and donnaad, I want to let you know that neither of you are alone. Finding this forum last year helped me from thinking I was going off my head. If you look back at the posts you will probably be able to find some sort of solution to your problems. I came to this forum at a point I never imagined I could be. I was extrememly anxious, overwhelmed with fatigue,hot flashes, mood swings, crying for no reason....etc,etc,etc. I had just come off HRT because I had had such a severe migraine I thought I had a stroke and so did my GP! I was a wreck. I decided to take matters into my own hands and I changed my diet drastically, living off porridge oats, fish, fruit and veg for months. I also started on supplements with the help of a very good local health food shop. It hasn't all been plain sailing, there are still days when I have weird symptoms but I chose to avoid anti depressants. Getting everything off your chest on these pages helps a whole lot. I remember being in tears when I realised I was not the only female on the planet feeling this way after being told for years by GP after GP, there was nothing wrong with me. I hope you both feel better soon. Take care.

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Thank you for responding. I did read the other blogs which does help. Its good to know that you are making it thought these tough years. My gyno just told me to see a psychiatrist because we tried two meds and they didnt work. He said they will know what might work better and its always good to talk with someone. I agree thats why this blog helps even if I read the old blogs. I was happy today when I saw lostnj this am not because you are hurting but I thought no one used it any longer. I was having a bad morning but after finding you it made my day go better. Will let you know what happens when I go.

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Thank you both for responding. I feel your pain more than I can say. Thishas been going on for 6 years the last being the worst. I had such a bad panic attack yesterday that I am still out of it today. I am actually so scared at this point I am at a loss. Going to try my 4th chiropractor on Wednesday who supposedly specializes in panic anxiety and menopause. Ihave been to so many doctors and had so many tests Im exhausted. Wish there was a clinic we could all go to to get help, share our feelings and hug it out. Will let you know how doc goes on Wednesday.

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I was doing great this whole week but now I am feeling a bit panicky just suddenly out of the blue. I could hardly get an appt with a psychiatrist not many women psychiatrist out there dont really want to go to a man. But have a appt on 3 June. My panic attacks come and stay with me for days. I hope this is not the start of one. I was doing so well. I would like a clinic also where we could all stay until this goes away.

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Hi donnaad, Sorry about your panic attacks they are so scary. I actually go to a male psychologist now and like him better than the female I use to go to. Not that is helping with anxiety and panic attacks. It was a terrible weekend for me with anxiety and panic. I will get back to you about chiropractor but I am also calling Iris Cantor Women's Health Center supposedly they specialize with menopause and hormones. What do I have to lose. Good luck with your doc June 3. I hope you get some relief and answers. If you find a clinic let me know I'll pass it on to the rest of our friends in suffering.

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