Inability to Cope

pg77May 12, 2007

I am going through menopause now and I am totally tired. I am even having trouble keeping a job because I just do not have the tolerance level I used to have. Sometimes I am not sure if it is because I have worked 30 years raising a child from 5 weeks old to adulthood by myself or if it is menopause or a combination of both. I just do not feel like I have the strength or ability to cope with anything stressful anymore. Does anyone else feel this way? And if so, how are you managing to cope with things? Thanks.

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Hi there!

I definitely hear what you're saying. I'm 48 with perimenopause symtoms...chasing a 2-1/2 yr old toddler that is my bonus baby. There were days that I feel like I can hardly put one foot in front of the other, was short of patience, and just didn't care if anything got done. I was so tired of feeling that way and knew I had to make some changes, cuz hubby was starting to feel like this marriage was falling apart.

Here's what I've done so far: cut out most of the refined carbs in my diet. Believe me, this was no easy task for me as I am a sugar and carb addict! Was about a week of painful cravings, but stuck it out cuz I just knew this is where my energy drain was coming from. So far, this has been such a jumpstart on how I'm feeling. Much less bloating, pain, and lethargy at the start of this period. I've lost a little weight, which gives me more energy to get in a bit more activity. I haven't officially "exercised" since before my bonus baby was born, so I don't have a regular routine, but I'm working on getting back into a walking program...I know that will help a lot, too, with mental stuff. I've always felt better when I could exercise a little.

This is such a challenging time in our lives when everything is called into question. Everything "used" to be one way, and now it's changing. Take some time just for yourself and make decisions about what you need to do. Maybe it's time for a chat with your gynecologist...short-term HRT or some other homeopathic product can be helpful, if that's what you need/want. Also, don't rule out situational depression. Give yourself permission to make changes. You know this doesn't feel right for you, and there's definitely support out there. Hang in there...this is a great place to vent.


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