3 months & No Period

Meldy723May 16, 2014


I am 41 and my last period was in February. I took 3 at home preg tests and one at my drs office and all were negative. She said if I haven't had a period by the end of May we will look at some other others. I have had one child which is now age 12 and I do not want any more so I have the following questions:

1. Has anyone else gone to their doctor about this and if so what have they said?
2. If you having no period does that mean that you are not ovulating and can't get pregnant?
3. Is there any thought that birth control pills may help get the period back up and going?

Thank you,


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Is it common too have you're menstrual cycle twice in one month during premenopause

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Hi Meldy723,

I am going through something similar. I just turned 42 last week and haven't had my cycle for about 3 mos. I took an hpt. Came back neg. So I put it in the back of my mind since last year, my doc said I was in "peri" which was disappointing as I've been divorced for 8 years and was looking forward to starting my life with my husband and having another child. But I couldn't shake why I've missed 3 mos. of cycles with nothing. Could I have gone from peri to menopause within a year. So,went to the doc, who took labs and urine. Urine was neg. & labs said my estrogen levels were low and so was my thyroid, so told me to come back for more labs. This time, they did a blood test for preg which came back neck and my AMH level was low. I was prepared again to accept that I was not pregnant but then I started having other symptoms, weight gain, sore nipples, milky discharge. Ok, so I began doing research, even though it was online, research is research as I compared findings from experts and forums. What I found is that there are many women our age who have experienced this, negative testing over a period of several months and with the doctor telling them they aren't preg. Usually they haven't had a physical which would put all the wondering and doubt to rest. I didn't have a physical b/c the doc I was seeing isn't my normal doc. So I've opted to wait. The short of all of this is that you could be...we could be pregnant, even with negative tests. Nothing is 100%. There is always room for error. The only thing that will ease my mind is having a physical which I have scheduled on Aug. 6th. It is very emotionally draining, no matter what your desire is. I just believe we have to educate ourselves and allow our minds to go to a place of peace that it will all work out for the best in the end. If I am, which I feel that I am, because I can feel little twitches in my belly in places where I haven't before. Having been pregnant before, I know the feeling and I don't recall gas feeling like that. But you know, as women, there are just times when you sense something and you just can't seem to let it go...for me, that's now. What has happened with you, Meldy723, since May? What have you discovered?

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