Tender & Swollen Breasts? after menopause

patrice214May 17, 2006

Hi...I am new to this...Found it from a google search.

The last three days I am experiencing tenderness and swollen breast (both) just like when I had PMS symptoms all my life. I feel like I want to put ice packs on them! I have taken Alieve and Tylenol etc and help a little but this am they are I have not had my period in almost three years and these symptoms also. What's going on? Has this happened to anyone else. I am not on any kind of HRT or herbal etc. Menopause started at 42. I am 53 now. The last year ALL symptoms have gone, even the hot flashes which were the last to go last summer. I was sooooo happy to get rid of everything! Now this! Is this a neverending road of surprises! So is this yet STILL more random hormone imbalance due to menopause? I have been under a lot of stress lately. HELP!




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I would go to your gyno... I don't know if anyone in here would be qualified on this one... that's just my humble opinion.

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I actually did some research on the internet for menopause symptoms on various websites and PMS feeling of tender, swelling breasts came up numerous times and found a connection with Evening Primrose Oil capsules for solution. Been taking two days now and it is definetely better! Just wanted to post that in case anyone else had a similar problem.

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Well, yeah, but I'd think that after 2 years of not having your period, it's strange that you are having PMS symptoms... THAT is why I thought you should discuss it with your gyno.... MY breasts are swollen and tender almost every month.

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Not necessarily so strange as you may think..when I was on hrt, my periods ended BUT each time of the month that I would nornally have a period, the tenderness and swelling would appear. Of course, it is a concern to you, so discuss this with your physician even if you find relief with something.

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HI, I thought I had gone through menopause 3 1/2 yrs ago when my period just stopped... I had NO other symptoms, then WHAM! about 4 weeks ago, I started expericing morning and daily nausea, swollen breasts, hot flashes day and night, headaches, tummy is swollen... Oh my goodness! I just went to doctor yesterday and had mutilple blood work done, will know something Monday or Tuesday next week... I just don't understand why this happened the way it did.. has anyone else had their periods just stop for years before expericing the other menopause symptoms?

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Roxxy, what did you find out? (fingers crossed all is well.)

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Wow... I just did a search on this subject! Have been experiencing tender painful nipples and breasts for over a week. Reminded me of being pregnant. Impossible...had a hysterectomy in '96 and last of the hot flashes, etc, over a year ago. What is going on? Am getting more than a little concerned about this. Calling my doctor in the morning. Can a cyst/tumor on overy cause these symptoms?

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Hi, I had blood work done, my FSH is 32.1, my LH is 10.2 and my prolactin is 9.9.... doctor wanted me to come back this coming Tues October 2... I will keep you posted.. also, my stomach is fluttering.... and my breasts have grown one size and feel like they might grow more.. I am worried!

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Wow, instead of being glad others have the same problem, I'm disappointed to find there's not a solution to this. Seems like most of the posts I read were from a couple years ago and no one has said, "Yeah, it went away after____." I just had blood work done and was hoping my OBGYN was going to say what we could do to make my breasts go back to normal. I'm 53, been on HRT for 2 1/2 years, so this isn't related to that, I've continued to have periods every two or three months since they became irregular and the hot flashes started about 2 1/2 years ago (the reason for the HRT). My breasts suddenly got bigger and tender a couple of months ago, I had a 2 1/2 week period after a few weeks of that, but they didn't go back to normal. Instead they got even bigger. I can no longer even wrap my bras around my chest. Am squeezing painfully into sports bras, and spilling out of them. Didn't want to invest $35 a pop for supportive DD cups. I'm only 5'4" and 120 lbs and my breasts are WAY too big for my body. Clothes don't fit. I feel like I did about two days after I quit breastfeeding so many years ago. Regular GYNO exam revealed nothing unusual so I have had more blood work done.....sounds like nothing will show up. Darn.

In an earlier post, I read that someone used testosterone cream. Do you rub it ON your breasts? Where can I order it?

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  1. When women go through menopause, their bodies change entirely. As their bodies stop producing some hormones and start reacting differently to the environment around them, they may experience a variety of unpleasant symptoms, one of which is breast pain. This is a direct response to the body's changing hormone levels, and is similar to what many young women experience before they start their periods.
  2. If a woman's periods have slowed or stopped completely and she is 40 years of age or older, she may be going through menopause. Breast pain often indicates that her hormone levels are fluctuating, so this may be normal. However, once her body's systems balance out--and this can take some time, unfortunately--the pain should go away. Sometimes this soreness is related to hormone therapies.
  3. Breast soreness after menopause tends to be much the same as the pain experienced during menopause. It tends to make the nipples tender and breasts may feel or actually be swollen. If this is a residual effect of menopause, then the duration of the soreness should not be too long at any given time. Persistent pain is an indication that there may be another problem.
  4. If a woman continues to experience breast pain after menopause, it can seriously interfere with her daily life. Chronic breast soreness can make her tired, irritable and difficult to touch. Because this condition can affect all aspects of her life, she should consult a gynecologist to see what can be done to alleviate the pain.
  5. Many women believe that breast soreness and even some leakage are just part of menopause. However, if your breasts are constantly sore, appear infected or are leaking, you must launch a thorough investigation immediately. These are not common symptoms and can easily indicate a more serious problem rather than an expected change.
  6. If breast soreness escalates despite pain medication or other treatments, a woman's body may be displaying problems with past hormone therapy or trying to tell her that something serious is going on. After menopause, a woman's risk of breast cancer rises about 4 percent, so any anomalies in her breasts should be thoroughly investigated to avoid a big health problem in the future.
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I was dx post meno. in Feb 2011..I was 44. I haven't had a period since Jan 2011 but my FSH is 70 and dr says I'm post meno. Didn't have any breast soreness until now..my breasts/nipples are so sore. I've been advised to take Evening primrose oil - Omega 3 and 6. When I was on the flaxseed caps all my symptoms disappeared. When I stopped they come back. Even though we are post meno our pituary gland can still produce some oestrogen. This is normal. Try the omega 3 and 6. best of luck.

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I have gone through menopause beginning at age 42 I am now 48 and most symptoms have stopped with occasional hot flashes and mood swings. The last few days I have been experiencing horrible breast tenderness, surprisingly only on the left side. The majority of the pain is around the nipple area with it being so uncomfortable that the shower water caused quite a bit of discomfort. I found this site and have been relieved by the other posts.

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Hi all I had a hysterectomy 8 yrs ago when I was 24 and 4 yrs later had to have both overies removed! Since then I have been taking a combined hrt, at first I experienced pregnancy symptoms, tender breast even to the point when I was lactating! My gp said this was normal? Now for the past 4 weeks my breasts have been unbearable to touch, itchy and just feeling very heavy, surely after being on hrt all this time this shouldn't be happening? Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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