karenski56May 20, 2008

This message is for Dana!

I am 51 and have been having symptoms for YEARS! I was going through a divorce in my 40's and thought that was the reason for the palpatations. My mother started menopause in her late 30's, so I figured that's what I was destined to. I am now feeling so much better knowing that the way I feel is "normal". I find myself wanting to cry for no reason(and I do find a reason to let loose), the heart palpatations, the sweats at any given moment! Relax and it WILL pass. Know that you are NOT alone in the way that you feel and we will ALL get through this. Why don't men have to go through this? LOL!!! Hope this helps some.

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Because men are Swine!!!!!!!!!

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hi ive recently visited this site looking for help with my perimenopausal symptoms i have been suffering from awful heart palpatations since sept 08 they just began one morning whilst i was sat drinking coffee i stopped the caffeen tried to quite smoking and noticed every time i had a drink of red wine the day after they were back i would end up with bad panic attacks once the palpatations started and they got to where they would last for 2 days solid i was at my wits end with them im 46 had a full hysterectomy 16 years ago so havent been able to tell whether i was menopausal or not i went on holiday in may and ended up having a horrible last day due to palps and panic and crashing fatigue, i went to see my gp who did some bloods but was looking at hrt which i definatly dont want to go down that road it seems so hit and miss and i definatly didnt wasnt to get any worse i havew literally been at my wits end in tears a lot i went to the emergency room at hospital having palps they couldnt find a single thing wrong with me bp fine heartrate sound i was confused and upset anyway i read on this site a message from catherina that calcium and magnesium at 500mg daily helped to put an end to these terrifying palps so offi went to the health food shop explained what id read and got the pills i was having the palps right there and then off i went clutching my bottle of hope had a cup of tea a sandwich popped a pill and half an hour later whoppeee palps gone that was 5 days ago and i feel sooo much better not a palp in sight nite sweats are bit easier breathing much better av bin back to my doc today told her what im doing she was most impressed said she intends to look into this i feel happier in myself i could cry with relief i was convinced i had heart disease lung cancer or sum such horrible affliction whoever said life begins at 40 is a complete and utter liar and should be executed for crimes against women lol if you are suffering from tearfulness hot sweats palps mood swings crashing fatigue sleepless nights welcome to the most undignified hormonal time of your life and your probably 40 ish being told to pull urself together rubbish ur not alone

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